Merry Christmas To All!



I would like to share an old joke:

“Once a little girl, about five years young, asked her father where human beings came from.
Her father scratched his beard and, unsure of how to explain the theory of evolution to his baby girl, said that human beings had evolved from apes.

The little girl was confused.
Did that mean that her beloved puppy dog would one day evolve to become a lion or a hippopotamus?

Since her father was obviously busy, she went to her mother, and
asked her mother where human beings came from.

Her mother explained that God, the Creator of all living things and of all the galaxies and planets, had created each of us in His own loving image.

The little girl looked at her mother completely puzzled:
“But mommy, Daddy said that human beings had evolved from monkeys and you said that we came from the gods.”

“Yes, darling,” said the mother, unfazed and without blinking an eye. “Daddy told you about HIS side of the family and indeed they did evolve from apes, while I am telling you about MY side of the family, who all came from the gods.”

Joking aside, it is Christmas time and I am writing this to wish you all a very merry Christmas.

It is summer time in NZ, and in the Southern Hemisphere, instead of a snow angel-making Santa Claus, we have a forecast for a hot and dry summer ahead.

Our plum trees are loaded with delicious fruit and the peaches are fully formed but not ripe yet.

Soon a new year will begin once again.
It is amazing that we base our whole calendar on the birth of one enlightened master, in whom many around the world do not even believe.

It is great proof that one woman’s or one man’s awakening, enlightenment and Self Realization, can spread great power across the whole world.

I am of course talking about the birth of Yehoshua of Nazareth, (יהושוע) otherwise known as Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus (Yehoshua) was born to Jewish parents of modest means in the land of Israel.
The land was nominally under Roman rule, but many tribal people lived by their own codes and rules.

Yehoshua was raised in the Jewish faith, and he was a curious boy who was hungry for knowledge.

Historical references found in Dead Sea Scrolls and Mandean literature, points to the fact that he had studied with the spiritual Essenes, namely the Nasarenes and Ossaeans, the B’nai-Amen and the B’nai-Zadok.

His hunger for God and his spiritual studies, led him to realize that we are all beloved children of an all-mighty, omnipotent and eternal God.

God created us all in His own image, which means that we are all creators, capable of great power and light.

Yehoshua had rejected the idea that in the Bible, God was portrayed as a stern, judgmental and angry God.
He saw God as his ever-loving, ever-forgiving Father figure.

Yehoshua realized that God is not a stern entity to be revered and feared, to be approached with a somber, devout attitude and meekness, but instead he saw God as a vibrant playful energy, the very soul and spirit of Life!

Jesus went on to teach the people that life is eternal, and that if you align yourself with God’s vibrations of love and light, you will experience an everlasting life full of miracles, ease and love.

But in order to get there, you had to move beyond your ego, which is the hard-shelled delusional structure of your mistaken singular body identity.

To help realize their true identities, Jesus taught the people to do the opposite of their natural inclinations.
He taught that we must love our enemy unconditionally, give away our money, love and trust God and turn the other cheek instead of setting forth a long chain of karmic actions that would require lifetimes upon lifetimes to learn forgiveness and repentance.

He also taught people that Heaven is not an ethereal realm that one can only reach after death, but that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us…. It is here and now, and it is our true Home….
We are One with God… One with all there is….

His teachings were too radical and contrary to the ways of the materialistic world.
He left behind neither written words nor a bible.

After his ascension, his disciples collected some of his teachings and the stories of his healing miracles, into what is now known as the New Testament Bible.

But the dominating low vibrational forces of the greed based people of the earth, took those teachings and formed a religion around them.

What were love-based-spiritual-New Age teachings, have solidified into a dogmatic and highly hierarchical religion.

A small number of an elitist priesthood took hold of the teachings and went on to confuse and bore the masses, to charge them money to mediate between them and the very God within them, and thus proceeded to alienate and dilute the wisdom of the teachings.

Two millennia have passed since, and Jesus has continued to speak via numerous other teachings to those who have ears to hear and open hearts, yearning to know God and to know the Truth.

We all share in Christ’s Consciousness.
Yehoshua was pointing the way….
The way to realize your full potential, not as an ego based human being, but as a Light-filled being, one who shares the consciousness of God.

As I send you my blessings from the hills of the Hokianga in New Zealand, I wish you a heart filled Merry Christmas!

Do not allow the fear of terrorism and of mortal limitations and diseases, the declining stock markets and the increase in mindless violence around the world, to weigh upon your consciousness.

Do not allow the gravitational forces of the planet to weigh upon, and to limit your unbound Divine Consciousness.

Lighten up with the merriment of Christ!
Jesus reminded us to be like little children.

Do you remember when you were small children, and the world seemed so fun and exciting?
Be like those little children again!

This world is a playful wonderland of matter.

You had dreamed so long about coming here, about an entry into these realms.

Your dream has come true!
Awake and remember it!
Wake up and look around you…see where you are!

You can discover a hidden fountain of happiness within you….. An unlimited source of serenity and joy, one that does not come from earthly things.

It is a reflection of an inner Spirit, your own Christ Being, who is always at ease.

Embody this joy into your daily life!

You are loved and supported on this journey!
Awaken and realize that it is so….

Your mind is too preoccupied with fears, worries, imagined disasters and an overload of sensory input that was never designed to be processed consciously.

Just like you are not required to assume conscious responsibility for all the automatic systems in your body, for the blood streaming in your arteries and veins, for the pumping of your heart, for the function of your lungs, for the filtering of your kidneys and liver, so you are not required to solve yours or this world’s problems through a rational thought process.

Your conscious functioning was designed to function and create in another realm.
A realm of spontaneous creation, of dance, of music and of delight.

For this is what you were designed to do and what you WILL do, as your trust is restored once again in the LIFE impulse.

You will begin to dance….. dance to the music of your own soul.

The blueprint for your work here on this earth already exists within you.
You need no instructions from anyone.

Your task is simply to awaken to the living Light in your heart, which is your true identity.

Express this living God in you, in everything that you do.

You ARE the means by which God loves all of creation!

Once you awaken, you will experience a state of consciousness so superior to any that you have ever experienced before, that it would surely make your previous life seem like a dream.

You will become aware that as a child of love, a child of light, you are all important, not
as an individual ego identity, but as a critical ingredient in the structure of ALL Creation.

You will have no need to inflate yourself by adding some kind of imagined importance, because you will realize that who you really are, is far more important than you have ever dared to dream.

You will never again see your identity within an ego structure.

Release the structures of past identities and surrender to the joy of the moment!

You have no idea how much energy will flow through you, once you have cleared your circulatory system.

God, the Creator of all living things and of all the galaxies and planets, has created you in His own loving image.

That means that you are all gods in training, learning about your innate powers.

Our bodies are biological, but we are all star-seeds of the Universal Consciousness.

We are all children of both clay and sun….

This holy season, listen to the song within your very soul…. And dance!
Dance to the sweet awesome music of your soul…….

Merry Christmas, my Brothers and Sisters, across this beautiful blue-green star, the third star from the sun, called Earth!

Some interesting historical information about a few of the spiritual communities in ancient Israel:
– Essene – An ancient term for the sect of Judaism which existed before the birth of Jesus and later was associated with the Master. Noted for their vegetarianism, communal living and healing art practices.

– Nazorean – Devotees took a special vow to devote their whole lives to purity and perfection. Nazorean were also noted for their abstinence from social drinking. Essene villages near Mount Carmel were filled with Nazorean, hence the village name of Nazareth.

– Mount Carmel – A spiritual stronghold of the northern Essene movement.
A place spoken of in reverence by ancient Egyptian Priests.
A place where Pythagoras (the father of mathematics and philosophy) studied, where the Oracle and Altar of Elijah the Prophet was located, a place where Yeshua (Jesus) is said to have been taught and a place whence a remnant of Hebrew speaking followers of Yeshua inspired the formation of the Catholic Carmelite Order.

2 Comments on “Merry Christmas To All!”

  1. Thank you Tali for this wonderful article. I am more and more getting convinced of the ‘true’ identity you often talk about. And I am intrigued by the stark simplicity of the truth.

    All journey is of the mind. It does take one to places or times, but if all is distilled at last, its always
    the mind that journeyed (or believed in the journey). Although I am still somewhere in the dream that this world is, I can still feel the truth of your writings…

    You mentioned about ‘A Course in Miracles’ recently. I got a copy of the Course in August last year. Since then, I am more than impressed of the colossal figure that Jesus is. For me, He is the proof of all truth that I believe in. Its beautiful that you mentioned Him here.

    Merry Christmas and wishing you both a great new year in advance. Take care.

    • Dear Sitanshu,
      it is so awesome to hear from you again!
      It is wonderful that you got the Course in Miracle and that you have been reflecting on the subject of Self Realization.
      It sounds like your contemplations are deep and reflective.
      It is so heart warming to know that you are out there, living your life and doing your very best to align yourself with the Spirit within you.
      It is nice to have friends like you around the world.
      Thank you for your warm wishes, I wish you back a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!
      Keep up the spiritual love vibrations in your part of the world!
      Love and blessing,

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