A Journey Of Tapping Into Our Physical And Sexual Potential


For many years, I have read and listened to the wisdom of spiritual masters, in my search for meaning and for a higher perspective on life.

I have found much wisdom in the words of masters who passed on years ago, and in the words of contemporary teachers.
I have found profound wisdom both in the East and in the West,
Nowadays masters incarnate all over the globe, in order to help raise human consciousness and help us progress in our planetary evolution.

While I feel extremely grateful for all my teachers, and know that I have gained much knowledge and new perspectives on the nature of life, disease, death, love and reality, I can truly say that my most constant teacher is the one inside of me, gently guiding me towards experiences and expansion, as I become ready to receive and understand more.

During our travels, I get to test how well I can implement all the knowledge that I have gained into everyday life.
But when we are at home, I feel as if my inner teacher is accelerating my studies.

In the one month that we have been home, and in the short times between painting in my studio, attending concerts, reading and being outdoors, I have been guided to read a few books, take a Shakti Summit seminar about Sexuality and Female Arousal, and start a 20 day juice only program.

The juice fast/feast was an easy and natural choice.
We are on day seven of our 20 day juice feast, and we are thinking of extending it to 30 days.
We have done many juice fasts/feasts since we started adopting them into our lives, and for the most part, I can say that we are handling the fast very well.

We go to Whole Foods supermarket to shop for organic fruit and vegetables for our fast.
The cashiers at any of the supermarkets that we shop at always comment about how healthy we eat.
Some cashiers say that ours was the healthiest cart they had checked out that day, some ask us questions about what we eat, how we prepare food, or just ask for advice.

At the Whole Foods that day, the cashier surveyed my cart and asked:
“Are you planning a juice fast?”

I said that we were, that we were planning to do a ten day juice fast.

She said: “Well, good luck to you! It is awesome! I have done 92 days of juice feasting and it was absolutely magnificent!”

After I expressed my admiration for her resolve and discipline, she told me that she had followed a program on: http://www.juicefeasting.com where they recommend doing a three month long juice feast.

I told her that the longest we had ever fasted was forty days.
I added that the hardest part for me was not the hunger or lack of energy, since I rarely felt hungry and had plenty of energy; in fact I had MORE energy than I do when I eat normally. The hardest part was craving flavors and the taste of food.
Like most people, I love food and even find cooking to be a creative, even self-nurturing outlet.

In other words, it is all psychological……I had discovered that we actually NEED very little food…we are actually addicted to the taste of food.

After a few days of only vegetable and fruit juices, I start dreaming of foods that I never ever eat, like macaroni and cheese or a steak.
Sometimes I feel deprived despite the I knowledge that I am doing this by choice, and fully believe that it is a wholesome cleanse and that in order to become masters, we must practice discipline and control over all our cravings.

In my opinion, food, like everything else, should be a conscious and well made choice, not an impulse.

After discussing it with Jules, we upped our ten days juice fast to twenty days, with an option to extend it to 30 days if we feel good.
It will be good for us to start our upcoming studies in Japan after a long seasonal summer fast.

The lectures at the Shakti Summit about sexuality and female arousal were fascinating.
I was guided to participate after reading the spiritual trilogy written by the anthropologist Hank Wesselman.
Wesselman was able to spirit-travel after satisfying sex with his beloved wife.
Something in his story rang very true inside me.

Many masters and spiritual seekers are celibate, believing that we must rise above the senses and transcend the dream-world that our eyes, ears and physical senses seem to show us.
Many believe that sex has a lower vibrational frequency and that dwelling in lower vibrations, will delay spiritual progress.

But what if our human design is truly ingenious, and what if there is a higher potential in this ingenious design that we cannot tap into, until we honor and explore the unlocked potential of our senses?

In other words… What if we were designed so we can use sexual energy as a PORTAL to other dimensions, and we do not know about it since we are culturally programmed to surround sex with shame, and to consign it to the confines of our dimly lit bedrooms……. After all, unleashed sex could lead to all sorts of troubles like rape, sexual misconduct, betrayal, abuse, and even AIDS.

Clearly there is a difference between sexual misconduct and exploring your full orgasmic potential and ingenious physical design with a partner whom you love and trust or even alone by yourself, if you do not have a loving partner in your life.

In my own opinion, growing in spirituality is about exploring all the realms of our divine potential, and as true spiritual seekers, we must give ourselves permission to also learn and explore our unique and ingenious physical design.

So much remains unknown to science about the potential of our minds and brains.
Our nervous system is a mystery to us, and our full potential and the possibilities of our human bodies, which are endless, yet remain untapped.

Instead of being encouraged to explore the subtle universes of our human potential, the religious and spiritual communities encourage us to look beyond the body, while the secular cultures ignore the spiritual aspect entirely and instead glorify and misunderstand the body.

In either case, we either see the body as an obstacle to the divine, or as an instrument for gaining more power, pleasure, fame and money, believing life to be nothing more than a short journey on this earth.
In the case of females, the old modality remains to encourage women to see and treat their bodies as ornamental, regardless of the professional careers we hold.

The other day, we attended a piano concerto on the roof of the Aspen Art Museum, with the beautiful slopes of Aspen mountain in the background.
Before the concert started, I glanced at the crowd and saw many women who looked fit, well dressed, powerful, gentle and obviously well to do.
The few men in the audience were old and far from powerful. They looked like the kind of helpless men who cannot back out of a parking space without getting into an accident.

So what happens to all those rich male moguls when they reach old age, and how come they become so feeble and powerless?….

Clearly our world is in need of healing, but much more so, our human race is in need of healing and understanding of the true nature of our bodies and our potential.

Do you really think that life can be so cruel as to give us merely one life to live, such a short time on this earth? Do you think that we come equipped with small, breakable, powerless bodies?….

After all, your life doesn’t even start until you are twenty.
You spend most of your childhood in school, learning the basic operational modality of your culture.
Then you plow your way through careers and establishing relationships, healing family ties and attending to endless commitments, until you retire at sixty five.

Then you enter the cultural belief that you are old and slowly progressing towards death, bound to slowly lose your physical, and maybe even your mental capacities.
How cruel is this?…

No, this is NOT the truth.
The truth is that you are an immortal being! You just do not remember it and thus your body does not embody this truth, but your soul does.

You are a PERFECT creation with unlimited potential!

Our bodies are Superbly intelligent with endless capacities to renew themselves, which we do not know how to tap into.

Our bodies are circuits of vibrating energy fields of light and information, holding whatever ideas we embrace.

Our bodies are portals which can be used to access higher dimensions and provide us with endless knowledge….

Isn’t it time to embrace higher ideas?…..
Isn’t it time to let go of the limiting fear based concepts and accept our Divine Nature?….

More to come when I have time to elaborate on female sexuality…..

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