The Nature Of Individuality

You are love and light.
You were born out of a matrix of eternal love.

From this infinite matrix of divine love,
From this field of pulsating glowing and unified light,
From the molecules of this benevolent grace,
You have emerged,
Forming your unique energy-field in order to experience your individuality.

It was a game we use to play,
We children of the light,
Eternal travelers through endless universes,
We wanted to experience ‘relationships.’

But how do you experience relationships,
When you KNOW that you are one with everyone and everything?

In order to experience yourself in relationships,
You decided to forget
To forget who you REALLY are,
And to experience your-self as an individual entity.
A crescent wave of the ocean
Forming and dissolving who you are…

In order not to lose your way in forgetfulness,
You asked us to remind you,
To awaken you when the time was right
To send you words of love and light
To send you people, or events
To send you messages,
To help you to remember
To awaken
To expand your earthly life

To bring into your earthly body,
The memory of the infinite matrix of love and light,
From whence you came…

There was a time,
Eons ago,
When the earth was young
When we played together with balls of light
When you loved those energy games of hide and seek

Together we formed the butterflies and bugs,
We shaped the wildflowers
And colored them with rays of light
We put the leaves on mighty oaks.

We played with Crystals and chemicals we had at hand
We arranged hydrogen and oxygen to form the sea
And sprinkled it with salt.

And then we formed the fish, the coral, the dolphins
The plankton and the sharks
Can you remember this?

Together we parted the sky
And formed the mountains and the rivers.

We were all together then,
Just as we are now
We can never be apart

Each time you took a human form,
You had to reincarnate again,
To renew your individuality.

You, Child of Light,
You no longer have to go through an endless cycle of reincarnations
In order to remember who you are…

In order to erase your accumulated karma
In order to fix the wrongs you did,
In order to understand the nature of your individuality
Will you listen now?…

You are not your memories
Nor your childhood
You are not a product of your culture
You are not a collection of your past experiences

You are not a male because you occupy a male’s body,
And you are not a female,
Because you are NOT a body at all,
You are FREE…

Your real individuality is FLUID,
It is a flowing focus of awareness,
Adjusting naturally to the ever-changing contours of time.

Your TRUE individuality,
Knows itself as one of the many “Observing Eyes Of Eternity”
Coalescing in an infinite sea of “Shared Being.”

Beyond the veil of illusions
Beyond the field of dreams we call our earthly life,
We are eternally, irrevocably ONE…

Individuals come and go like the waves of the sea,
But you must remember
That at their core,
Each individual wave is first and foremost THE SEA….

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