Ski season in Colorado



The mountains of Colorado are covered in a white blanket of snow.
Outside my window it is so quiet and it feels so pristine… unspoiled wilderness in black and white colors, sprinkled in pure white.

We try to ski three times per week, and when we are not on the slopes, I spend my days in the studio painting.

When we do not ski, Jules is busy planning our upcoming five weeks trip to the largely unvisited country of Korea.
Of course many people visit the big cities of Korea, but they do not roam far into the countryside which offers many national parks in which one can hike up to ancient Buddhist temples and enjoy the serenity and scenery.

Meanwhile, it is a good ski season in Colorado.
It started a bit slow with very little snowfall, but now by the end of February, the slopes are covered with snow.

Sometime we stay after skiing to dine in one of the fabulous restaurants in Vail.
The food is fresh, artistically made and very creative.

One of the cutest thing about ski season, is to see the little toddlers ski.
They start skiing when they become three years young.

With their colorful tiny ski suits and their impossibly small googles, their small hands and feet encased in their tiny gloves and tiny ski boots, they look like cute puffballs.

They are enrolled in ski school which is a day long adventure for them, which includes skiing, a lunch and hot chocolate breaks.
It is a real mission for the ski instructors to take them to the toilets when they need to pee.

In one of the toilets on the mountain, I overheard this conversation as I was putting my gloves back on:

Kid: “You know I am a V.I.T, I belong to the V.I.T club.”

The Ski instructor was busy undressing the kid out of her ski suit.
She was smiling, thinking that the kid was mispronouncing V.I.P, and so she asked:
“And what is a V.I.T?”

Kid: “A Very Important Toddler!”

After I had a chuckle, I thought to myself how wonderful it would be if as adults, we can also think of ourselves as important, precious and valuable, just like this three years old does.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can look at our very core, not from the ego’s perspective which wants us to believe that we are only important in comparison to others, but from a pure recognition of who we are.
We are precious, important, valuable and very lovable just by our divine being, just for who we are as spiritual beings of Light and Love.

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