Reflections about Angels

Some say that Angels are merely a religious concept, and that since the nature of the Real world is peace, light and all encompassing love, there is nothing you need protecting from anyway….

The world you seem to live in, the materialistic world of bodies and matter that you believe you reside in, is nothing more than an illusion… A dream…. A mistaken interpretation… A creation of our collective minds….

If you are not a body, but a free spirit with a free will power, then you ONLY experience what you WANT to experience for awhile….
So why take it away from you…. Why guard you from your own choices….

When you are ready to give UP your pains, vain attachments and struggles, and look higher into your True Nature, you will be uplifted by your intentions and by your new WILL…
You will then be reuniting your own will with the Will of God, Who always wishes for you to be happy, healthy, and whole….. He wishes you to come Home….

Others say that each person on this earth has a guardian angel, who is in charge of guiding and protecting each individual.
Some believe that there are also higher archangels who are guiding those personal guardian angels.

Some people believe that guardian angels are only assigned to those individuals who are unaware of their true divine nature…. Who are so deep into their slumber…. So enshrouded in the sleep of the world of illusions, that they need all the support and help they can get….

I have been reading about the history of the Maori culture, and came upon two Maori prophets who claimed to have been contacted by the archangels Gabriel and Michael.

First were the Supernatural accounts of TE UA HAUMENE (Circa early 1800s) who was said to have had encounters with the archangel Gabriel, and who spread his loving messages amongst the natives.

Miraculous healing occurred among the people, and the belief in the realty of the material world, was constantly challenged by Te Ua.
One account related how Te Ua, at the instigation of the Angel Gabriel, had cut off the hand and foot of a child with an axe.
The mother of the child related the crime to the tribe, who picked a team of forty men to investigate.
In the meantime the Angel Gabriel had spoken again to Te Ua and commanded him to reunite the hand and foot of the child.
The natives, on arrival, found the child whole and well.

The second Maori prophet, Ratana, also claimed to have been in contact with the archangels Michael and Gabriel, who helped him understand the power of faith to produce miraculous healing and to transform the physical world.

I love to reflect on the etymology of words, and on the meanings behind them.
It is a pastime for me… Something I love to reflect about…
It also challenges me to think about Hebrew, the language of my childhood, which is an ancient language with much symbolic meaning behind words….

Take this as an example:

The Old Testament spoke generally about seven archangels, but if focused chiefly on three archangels, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact, that all three names end with the letters EL.
EL is a Hebrew word meaning God.

But there is more…

Raphael- the name has the root letters RAPHA, which mean in Hebrew “To Heal” (or health, or healing.)

Michael- has the root letters MACHA, which is Hebrew for “Forgiveness” (or to erase, as in forgiving and erasing mistakes, errors and the past).

Gabriel- has root letters GAVAR, which mean “Power” (these root letters also mean a “man,” which was associated with power).

Another angel who is named in the Bible, but less often, is Uriel.
This name has the root letters UR or OR meaning “Light.”
Uriel means the Light of God.

So the archangels in charge of guarding, guiding and helping the human race, are:

The Light of God
The Forgiveness of God
The Power of God
The Healing of God.

Now comes my own interpretations of how to use this knowledge to understand our life here in earth….

Uriel- the Light of God.

We need to uplift our minds from the dream of illusions, into the Light of God.
We need to seek to see the Light of God in each person we meet, instead of focusing on their bodies.
We need to aim to recognize the Light of Truth, which is the realization of Love’s presence and the eternal and all loving nature of the real world.

Raphael- The healing of God.

We need to heal our minds, from all the errors that we believed to be the truth.
We need to seek for healing of our minds from the small and erroneous ways we perceive ourselves, perceive one another and from our wrong ideas about who we are.
We need to realize that we are NOT separated from the Divine, nor separated from one another or from Life.
After the healing of our minds will come the healing of our situations, and the inevitable healing of our bodies.

Gabriel- the power of God.

We need to recognize the Power of God within us.
We live and have our being inside God, which is Life itself.
We can never be apart from life, regardless of our own imaginings.
We are not bodies, but Divine Spiritual beings who are entrusted with the creative powers of God.
This is how we create unreal personal realities….. Unreal worlds, and make them real for us… We are creative beings….

Michael- The forgiveness of God.
We need to forgive ourselves for all the dreams and nightmares that we imagined to be real.
In other words, we need to wipe clean the slate of Karma….
We need to understand that what happened in a dream is causeless.
We need to forgive all illusions…. Forgive one another and mostly forgive ourselves…. Forgive the body for supposedly being the decision maker…. And forgive the body for its littleness….
We need to forgive the past, and not project it upon the future, along with our errors of perception….

We need to put the future in the loving hands of God…. Who wants nothing more than to bestow on us the endless blessings that are in store for us…. To bring to us the highest expression of love and light….

Our greatest aspiration and joy is what God Wills for us….
True and everlasting happiness is God’s Will for us…

We must forgive the little god that we created, and imagined to be the creator of it all…. Forgive the little god that we created in OUR own image….

Yes… For thousand of years people imagined God to be in the image of man…. Angry, judgmental, vengeful and jealous….

We need to forgive the errors that we made and embrace higher Truths….

God is the all powerful infinite Spirit of LOVE and Everlasting LIGHT…

The mortal mind cannot comprehend eternity…. Nor imagine that we are ONE with this Divine and all loving Spirit…..
Our past actions have shown us that we are not all loving, nor all wise, and so we believe in our limitations…

For a long time, human beings imagined that they were a body, with a spark of life in it.
They imagined that inside that body resides a soul, or a spirit, and that when the body dies, the spirit or soul leaves the body.

But it would be more correct and more helpful to think of ourselves as an immortal and all loving Spirit, which animates a body.

The Spirit, which is unbound, eternal and all encompassing, cannot be contained within a mortal small body…. It merely animates it.

The biggest mistake we make, and that many of us keep on spreading, is to believe that it is HARD or impossible to reach God.

Ancient religions taught us that if we look upon the face of God, we will die.
They said it is impossible to come before God, except through a mediator…

But this is FAR from being true….
It is NOT hard to reach God….. In fact…… It is VERY EASY….
You could say that it is the most NATURAL thing in the world…..

You do it daily…. As you let go your body’s identification and slip gently and naturally into the arms of God, during your sleep….
Some do it in meditation, as do many well practiced daily meditators, or it can happen to you as a divine encounter…. A holy instance….. A divine realization…..

God is YOUR Father…. And He LOVES YOU with an everlasting love….

God’s Will for you is PERFECT HAPPINESS….

The realization of eternal life….. Safety, Grace and Peace…… what you are going towards,,,,,,, And when you take off your clothes in the darkness of the night, and slip into your bed, you know that you share His Will…..

You WANT to go home to where there is everlasting LIGHT that shines forever….. And you also want to move away from the ignorance of darkness, the limitations, the diseased and mortal bodies….. that we call life on earth….

To read more about those two Maori Prophets:

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