Events and “accidents” are all part of a Divine Plan for our lives

Each one of us has a wonderful path to walk in life that is in full harmony with our true heart’s desire and happiness.

All events in our lives and all the people we ever met, no matter how casual the encounter may seem, came into our lives for a reason.

If we examine events in our lives through the eyes of trust and gratitude, we will be able to see the beauty of our path and how it all transpired for our highest joy.

When Vision comes to us, we will be able to see how the choices we made seemingly “mindlessly,” or those that felt like they were “forced” on us, and even those “accidental ones”, all gently lead us on our path.

Daily life does not always feel magical and wonderful, and if we get caught up in the details, we may lose sight of the bigger picture and not appreciate the many small miraculous elements that have led us on our path.

I could give you dozens of illustrations from my own life, but because I also want to tell you about this wonderful artist, I will give you an example from her life.

Janet Echelman is a wonderful artist, working on major installation artworks made out of fishing net.

Her work has been exhibited in major museums around the world, and is exhibited in some major cities, if they have the enormous budget required for installing and producing her super strong weather and storm resistant nets.

How she came to work with fishing net is exactly one of these seemingly “accidental” life events, that lead us unknowingly on our intended path in life.

When she finished high school, she applied to seven colleges to study art.
“Unfortunately”, but actually by Divine Plan, she was rejected by all seven.

This did not deter this cheerful and energetic person, and she went about becoming an artist on her own.

Regardless of her lack of a degree or academic art education, she won a Fulbright Scholarship and flew to a fishing village in India for a residency, to work and to present her art.

Before she left, she shipped her paints over to India.
She landed in India, but her paints did not arrive…

The missing paints were another “accident” that turned out to be a real blessing and a small miraculous event that determined her life.

She had a wonderful time in that sleepy fishing village, but when it came time to present her artwork, she was not sure what materials to use.

She saw the fishing nets that the fishermen used, and was entranced by their colors and airy shapes, and so she created a “soft sculpture” using these nets.

Many years later she continued with her fascination and had improved on it, by manufacturing her own nets, and installing gigantic awe inspiring soft sculptures across the world.

Watch her story at:

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