Summer in the Far North of New Zealand

I forgot how quiet and how nice it feels
To be living in a beach town right in front of the water.

The harbor changes its color by the hour…. By the day…
It shifts from silvers to blues to grays to greens…

The days are warm and are scented with late oranges,
Flowering trees and early green peaches.

The days are gentle, unhurried and the nights are balmy.
Our property is filled with the song of birds and wildflowers.

We are cleaning spider webs from the eaves of our lovely house
And bit by bit we are releasing the house from the grip of winter.

A winter that we spent away,
Enjoying the summer in other parts of the world.

We start each day with a quiet meditation
Then we enjoy breakfast on the deck overlooking the harbor.

We then decide on the tasks for the day
Painting in the studio will have to wait until the property is shining again.

Summer is in the air, and the veggie market offer tasty vegetables
which are young, juicy and alive, radiating the summer sun.

I feel peaceful here…
In this sleepy town at the edge of the world….

Somehow…. the harshness of other people’s realities
Seems out of reach here…

Life takes on a dreamy quality
Where it is easy to believe that all is LOVE….
And all is well….
And that we make our own dramas,
And we generate all of our life’s troubles,
By our discontents,
By our cravings,
By our limited perceptions….

Life is Grand…
And life offers us everything we truly need, value and want,
As we slowly progress towards our highest good.

We just need vision, honesty and some perspective,
To recognize all that…

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