The physical eyes are incapable of vision

True vision, comes to the loving and calm mind, that has learned to see beyond the illusion of appearances, into the core of Truth.

It comes to the mind that has developed the ability to see the light in each person (not a single soul excluded.)

When True Vision dawns on the calm mind, it illuminates the whole world…. And peace comes to the wandering heart, which grows tired of being misled by the world of illusions.

The physical eye is incapable of vision.
Only the mind is capable of true vision.

What we call “vision” when we look through the physical eyes, is nothing more than a projection and interpretation of ideas that we learned and hold.

I once had a first hand experience that conveyed this truth to me.

I woke up one morning in my bed in my house in Miami.
It was a lovely sunny day.

I stayed under the blanket, stretching myself and feeling unusually joyful…

Outside, our pool was shimmering in a lovely turquoise blue and I noticed the flower petals that the wind blew overnight onto the surface of the water…
They were floating gently on the water…

I looked at the ceiling of my bedroom and saw the ceiling fan rotating slowly…
This was the moment when it dawned on me… That I was seeing ALL of this… With my eyes still closed.

When the realization registered in my mind, that it is impossible to see with eyes still closed, in a fraction of a second the room went black…

I laid in bed, feeling total awe at what had just happened…
Did I really see all this with my eyes still closed? Or was I dreaming all of this???

I knew with a calm heart, that this was NOT a dream.
I did wake up, and saw the morning, but I just did it all… With my eyes still closed.

About a week ago, my husband Jules had a vision- magical experience.

He woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep.
Not to wake me up, he went to read in our guest bedroom, where he laid on the bed and fell asleep again.

He woke up a few hours later, and saw me standing in front of the glass door, looking outside into the mountains of Colorado and the vast night sky.

He said that the feeling was so calm and peaceful and that night sky was FULL of bright stars.
He said that he made a few comments to me about how beautiful the starry night looked….

He said that he saw it all so vividly and as real and ordinary as any other thing he usually sees…

Only…. When the prompted himself up in bed, I was not there and the night sky had no stars in it…

He swore that it did not feel like a dream at all… Just a gentle vision… That quickly vanished.

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