Money Matters, a conversation with a skeptic

“Yo you!”

“Who me?”

“Yes you! Come over and sit down.”

“Why? What do you want?”

“You got some ‘esplaining to do Missy.”

“What? What do you what me to explain?”

“You go about telling people that if they believe that they are not bodies, but Spirits, that everything is gonna change. Right?”

“Well…. Yes. If they REALLY believe it and live accordingly.”

“What do you mean?
Now you REALLY make me angry…
How does believing that I am spirit, will pay my mortgage?
How is it going to cure my mother’s cancer?
And how is it going to help me find the perfect partner… You know, the love of my life?
Can you answer this Missy?
How do I make a terminal illness disappear?”

“You don’t.”

“What do you mean?
Are you playing with me?
You just said it will all heal and be different…. All rosy and good…”

“I did, but it is not YOU who makes cancer disappear, it is done FOR you.”

“But you said before, that all illnesses are cause by a lack of balance, a dis-ease in the body, brought about by MY wrong perceptions.
Now you’re telling me it is NOT my fault?”

“It is not a matter of even looking for faults at all.
It was created by a lack of understanding, and it is NOT a punishment for wrong doing.
But it will be lifted off, if you honestly believe in miracles, and if you ask for help with sincerity, and if you recognize the patterns of belief, that allowed it to happen… A belief in the body being real, being a limitation, being vulnerable…..

When in truth, the body only obeys ideas you hold in your mind.
By itself it is NOTHING and it will either be whole, or sick, as your mind believes.”

What the fuck does all this mean?
Can you explain it better?
Simplify it?”

“OK… I will try.
There are two forces working inside you.
The Voice of God, and the voice of your ego.

Your ego will have you believe that it is only there for your own good, your own protection, and that it is your only savior… In fact, that it is your ONLY reality.

That you and your body are one and the same.
That your life ends, when the body lays to rest.
That you a separate from other bodies, and separated from God.

It will teach you that this world is vicious, dangerous, filled with harms that can befall you, and it will teach you ways to “protect you” in this dangerous world.

It will tell you that you are alone, no matter how many people love you, or live next to you.
That you were pretty when you were young, but now you are heading towards old age and death, so…… party, party, and live it up, because this is ALL there is!
There is nothing more, nothing else, no God, no higher self, no soul.
Live it now, and live it high.

The fact that you listen to the voice of your ego, is very apparent.
It is why you are sad,
Why you get depressed, sick, moody….

Who could be truly happy when death, accident, misfortune and disease, are lurking at every corner?

This belief in your littleness, makes you angry, frustrated, filled with impatient and helpless broken hopes.

You believe that you are also, at the mercy of your body.
The body seems to be the decision maker, leading you down so many dark paths, falling ill so easily, being so weak and frail.

You hate your body for its littleness…. For its limitations… For being so frail….

When anger, is taken out upon the body, it manifests itself as a dis- ease.

The ego would have you believe in its song, which is actually your funeral dirge, as it leads you into a life of misery and death.

The Voice of God inside of you, quietly whispers to you of a different world…. In which all things work together for your highest good,…. Where all is in harmony, and you are PURE, unaffected by mistakes you made, over the many lifetimes you have lived……., That you are whole, eternal, perfect, safe, and beautiful.

You rarely listen to the Voice of God, because it does not speak to you in words, but in hunches, or flickers of intuition.
Not because it cannot speak in words, but because you learnt to tune it out so well, and listen instead to the louder voice of fear, represented by your ego.

And so you walk the world of shadows, unguided, making moves, and retracing your steps, getting lost in contradicting desires, never knowing what will make you truly happy, safe and whole.

When the realization of the Truth, finally will dawn upon your mind, it will come with ONE happy realization: “You need do NOTHING.”

The love of your life, will happen to be ahead of you in the coffee shop…. Or you will meet him in a course both of you will take…. It will happen magically………let me say more truthfully……miraculously….

You need do nothing, means that if you are working in something you love, you do not NEED to start another enterprise to make more money, nor do you need to eat only raw fruit or Veg, to get rid of your cancer. It will ALL BE DONE FOR you.”

“I get you! I really do,
But things getting done FOR me…. It is a bit….. Sci fi, no?…… A bit too far fetched no?”

“I can give you dozens of examples from real life of how this honestly and truly work.
But I will not do so here and now.

However, I will leave you with ONE true story that happened to me recently.

While in China, I was cheated by a travel agency out of a large amount of money.
It was not fair, and it stung, but I did not fight it.

I did not fight, because I believe that living in the flow, means that some goes, and more comes to you, as you live life with the flow…
And above all, you do not clutch or hold too tightly to anything…..
Definitely not to passing dreams…. In ALL the FORMS they takes…they only come to give you joy, and then they go.

So after getting over my initial hurt, I reminded myself of the truth, and I did not sweat it.
A few days later, we walked down a dark street in China.
Nobody else was around.

I saw an envelope on the sidewalk.
It was a bank envelope, the kind that holds money that you draw from an ATM.

There was no wallet, no business card, no purse or bag around… Just this envelope, laying around.

Inside it….
You may not believe it, but I am telling you the absolute truth…was the SAME amount of money plus $10 in US dollars bills.”

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  1. Totally different from everything I’ve studied in a “communist” school :)! Yet, your post reminds me of a thought from a future book of mine: Money are among the last things that make people rich…

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