How buying a new bra, led me to my new art project…

Shanghai is changing faster than the speed of a bullet train…

Our favorite vegetarian restaurant in the whole world, is located in Shanghai.

We simply cannot forget how good the food is in “Jujube Tree” (also called “Vegetarian Life Style”)

They have a few locations around town.
The one we used to frequent, is located on “Fengxian Rd”, and the area around it, had changed beyond recognition in the past six years.

It used to be a dingy busy area, filled with cheesy stores selling wedding gowns and frilly tuxedos.
Now, it has fancy stores carrying brand global names, and showrooms of major fashion and accessory designers.

You will find Rolex stores, and Omega, a Marks and Spencer department store, and malls loaded with global names.

We walked dazed to find Jujube, which stayed blissfuly the same.
The menu had changed of course, but it is still great, fresh and unique, with superb cuisine which will satisfy and surprise many non vegetarians.

While in shopping heaven, I bought some new bras.
Trying on new bras, just a few days before my period, is a little depressing… To say the least… And it left me feeling…well,… Well endowed to say the LEAST.

Actually, combined with the unbearable heat and humidity, it left me tired, exhausted and feeling overweight and sad.

First of all, it was hard to find a store that carried bras that I liked.
It seemed like many of the stores, carried bras and undies to dazzle the average immature Chinese boyfriend.
They had a lot of lace, and appliqué sawn into them, and many seemed like they were NOT designed to “do the job” of carrying any breasts in them, but to impress the lucky looker…

When I finally found a good store, the jovial sales lady, burst into my dressing room, and without asking for permission, fondled my breasts into the bras I was trying, saying “Good! Good!”

Today, it is the hottest day I have experienced ANYWHERE, in a very long time.
It feels as if temperatures reach above 115 degrees in the shade. (46 degree Celsius)

It comforts me to know that in just a few short days, we will be back in New Zealand and since it is winter there, it will be blissfully cool…

Today we are walking around Moganshan Lu, which is an area of Shanghai where many galleries and contemporary art centers are located.

While walking in and out of galleries, and being inspired by the creativity around me, I decided about my next art project. (after I fulfill my commission work of the Shibuya series)

I will continue to paint and draw on the long scrolls, which runs the full length from ceiling to the floor.

The subject of this new series, will be…. ME.

Well, not exactly me, but my bodily image.

Every month for a year I will ask Jules to take a full nude photo of me in Black and White, which I will then draw on these long paper scrolls.

I will paint my skin in different intricate patterns, and around the image of my body, I will draw all of my inner dragons, doubts, berating self images and good points as well.

I plan to add around the singular drawing of my body, drawings of guardians (of inner peace) and images symbolizing concepts of beauty and perfection.

It will be done in a similar style to my Shibuya Series, except it will explore my inner landscape and how it changes with how good or bad I feel about my ever changing bodily image.

Now, sitting in a lovely cool cafe in the middle of Moganshan Lu, I feel revived again…. And ever grateful to be an artist, who can transfer feelings and translate concepts into art.

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