Flying back to China from Kathmandu

Flying business class on Thai Airlines, you wish the flight will never end.

When we could not get into Tibet, we decided go go somewhere else instead.
Korea was close by, but it is summer there and way too hot.
So was Thailand, and other places, or some were just too long to fly to, or needed a pre arranged visa.

So we chose Nepal.
The only tickets we could secure were in Business class.

After ten wonderful days in Kathmandu, we came to the airport for our morning flight, and found that it got canceled.

They told us we can leave on the next flight which leaves in two days.
We said we already pre paid for hotels, transportations.. Another flight… And our bikes are stored in Chengdu China… We simply got to leave…

They said,….. well….. There is a flight on Air Thailand to Bangkok, and if you stay overnight in Bangkok, you could fly tomorrow to Chengdu.

We said we’ll take it.

We insisted they should compensate us, or fly us in business class, since we booked business class…

After phone calls back and forth to China, they agreed.

In first class, we got BEDS…
Seats that recline into beds… And after lunch, the flight attendants came by with a quality cheese cart and port wine…. Heaven…
The mango cake was superb and went very well with the cappuccino…

Today we checked in Bangkok to our flight to Chengdu, in the Thai Silk First Class.
They check you in while you sit on cushiony chairs.
All the grueling security and immigration were expedited too…

Now, sitting in the first class lounge, I eat steamed dumplings and goodies, and read a book about a British woman who joined a Tibetan order and became the first Western Tibetan nun.

She meditated in a small cave in the Himalayas for six years, enduring blizzards and snow storms, while eating little and being sick often.

I eat another steamed Shumai…….. Think of what to drink next……and think of the irony of this impermanent life….

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