The Livestock Bazaar in Kashgar – Cycling The Silk Road In China

The next morning we visited the livestock Sunday market in the outskirts of Kashgar.

Villager from all around the city, bring their sheep, goats and donkeys to be sold in this bazaar.

It was a lively affair perfumed with the scent of animal manure….

Watching the people was my greatest interest.
Their leathered skin, eyes, mouths, facial expressions and postures, told me subtle stories about their lives…

There were more than people who came to buy or sell animals, there were people selling knives, slices of melons or watermelons, ice tea made from dates, cold yogurt drinks, fried meat dumplings, and fresh vegetables.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in a cool and relaxing tea-house- restaurant, with a good meal and a large pot of tea.

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