Cycling The Silk Road In China – Artux to Kahsgar and a visit to a beautiful Uyghur country house

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This morning, the higher officer was in our hotel, registering our passport and Jason and Joe’s ID cards again.

She even recommended to us a good place to have breakfast, and drove ahead of us to make sure we will find it.

We ate a thin pancake wrapped around veggies, and a dish of creamy tofu with a spicy sauce on it. Both were delicious.

We drove out-of-town through another beautiful stretch of landscape.
We observed wild camels walking in a dry river bed, stone houses, made from the same rocks as the river, and blue sky everywhere…..

The road took us up the mountains and down again into beautiful green valleys.
When we reaches the town of Artux, we saw again the same grey looking desert landscape that made me want to escape into the mountains to begin with.

In Artux, we ate a fabulous lunch at a Uyghur restaurant and went to visit a small village with an elaborated Uyghur interior decoration.
The rooms were filled with silk rugs, sitting cushions, and wonderful plaster and stone work.

It was the nicest house we saw in China up until now.
It was surrounded with vineyards and even had its own pool and sauna.
(The kitchen was still just a collection of tables with pots and woks on them, no decor and no aesthetics)

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  1. Wow the artchitechture is amazing Tali, reminds me very much of the buildings and style of when i went to Kuala Lumper

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