Cycling The Silk Road In China – The beautiful market in the old town of Kucha

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Going through the Taklamakan desert feels so inhospitable.
There is no shade, no water and it feels as if someone turned the over on hot and forgot it for years…

Our driver looks hurt, when we ask him to put on the air-conditioner in the car.
Just like he is reluctant to turn on the car headlights at night, until it is totally pitch black…. he gives us as sad look, as if the whole van will explode from the use of the air conditioner… so we drop our request and drive with all the windows open, sweating and with dust and grime all over our faces.

We arrived at the town of Kucha late this afternoon.
Kucha is divided to a new part of town, and an old part of town which lies on the banks of the river.

Naked boys are swimming in the silty river and people brings their horses and donkeys to rest and drink water there.

The people are so friendly, smiling and gathering around us, asking us questions and inviting us to sit with them… we are the only foreign tourists walking in this chaotic and wonderful market town today.

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