Cycling The Silk Road In China – The Western point where the Great Wall ends into the Gobi Desert


Today was a great cycling day.
We cycled from Zhangye 65 KM towards Jiayuguan.
We cycled along farm land growing mostly corn, and stalls selling red dates.

It was a great day for cycling.
The weather was warm, with only a light wind and the roads were not very busy.

We had a bit of a mountain biking action, where the paved road was torn for construction.

Tonight we sleep in a lovely modern room in hotel Jiayuguan.
Tomorrow, we will see the Great Wall of China.

Jiayuguan is the western point in which the Great Wall had ended.
In old times, beyond this point, there was a gate, and if you passed through it, you would be out of China and into the Gobi Desert.

I am wearing a comfortable bathrobe in bed now, tired and happy as can be.

2 Comments on “Cycling The Silk Road In China – The Western point where the Great Wall ends into the Gobi Desert”

  1. Wow Tali, I love your photos and have enjoyed reading about your journey, it sounds like you are having a fabulous time and getting to taste and experience lots of wonderful things and sites. I have left a couple of facebook messges for you, but duh i suddenly remembered you may not h ave been able to check them in China.

    Look forward to hearing about your next venture

    • Thank you so much dear Pam.
      I was able to receive email notification from Facebook, but I am not able to respond or bring up my FB page while we are in China at all.
      Thank you for your words about my art, which you saw at the Original Art Show in AKL…. It warmed my heart.

      I hope they sold…. I know one of them did, as I got an email from the lady who bought one of them and she told me how much she loves it…

      Our trip is going so well….. this part of China is so diverse and just amazing….. So rich with history, art and meaning…. Every day is just so filled with fun and things to see and explore….

      Thank you dear for your words.
      It is good to hear you are finally getting out of your freeze- pause- period and into the light…. And that you are creating again.
      Hugs to you,

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