Cycling The Silk Road In China – A rest day in Lanzhou


We had a rest day in Lanzhou.
It is a big and modern city, in the middle of the Silk Road.
We gave our driver Jo and Jason, our guide, a day off and we explored the city by ourselves.

It was nice to get lost all on our own…. No, seriously, we did manage to take a rickety cable car up a scenic mountain, walk along a pedestrian street and even spent some rest time, at a modern tea house, packed with people eating sunflowers or watermelon seeds and playing cards.

We ate some locally made fried bread from a market stall, manned by a Hui woman, which was delicious.

I was able to buy fresh mulberries and we munched them, enjoying their sweetness.

We visited a Confucian Temple filled with local people, making offerings and praying.
We took many photos and admired the stone and wood carvings… And the devotion of the people.

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