Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

The Upper Antelope Canyon is the most visited canyon in this area.
It is also the most photographed and best known canyon of them all.
You can watch many YouTube tutorials about how to photograph Antelope Canyon, as a measure of how well known it is.

Like all the canyons located on Navajo land, it requires a guide and a fee in order to visit.
The most distinguishing characteristic of this canyon is that it has very tall walls, which makes the interior of the canyon dark, but allows the light to filter in and illuminate the walls with bright glowing colors.

The guides will help you set up your camera or phone’s camera settings, and will show you where to stand in order to get the best angles and the most dramatic shots.

Despite the many people visiting, the canyon is magical.
When we visited the other canyons in the area, we were alone with our guide with no people around, which is a real treat that you can only get during the low season.
We got to stop, imagine, dream and sense the environment around us.

It was not so in Upper Antelope canyon.
Despite visiting in the lowest season, there were still lots of people in this canyon, but it did not detract from my enjoyment of the place.
I was expecting many visitors to the most famous canyon of them all.

As we walked through the canyon and I saw how the light created such amazing abstract images as it shone on the canyon walls, I started to imagine that I could paint these images and make large scale paintings of these beautiful canyons.

But a part of my mind argued that I could never duplicate the magic I saw in these canyons by making paintings.
There is something flat when you apply an opaque paint to canvas, which is nothing like the glowing light on the shimmering canyon walls.

The canyon walls are alive, continuously being shaped and sculpted by the sun and the rains. They are made of a hardened multicolored sand, over the course of tens of thousand of years.

These canyons are not visible from the road.
The ground looks flat from a distance.
It is only when you get closer that you discover these amazing chambers.

The canyons are more than beautiful places, they are places of power. The light shining through the canyons can be magnified and used for self empowerment, if one knows how to use it.

These are some of the Blessings from Mother Nature that come from abiding within the Mountain Ranges of the world, or from staying in great open spaces like these canyons, where the individual’s aura is not contaminated by too close an association with the rest of mankind.

People are prone to believe in collective mass illusions, like time, age, limitations, lack and decay.

The environment of the Mountains is Life, in Its great Purity and Perfection.

There are great Streams of Power that exist within the Mountain Ranges.

Each particular structure on Earth has its own service to render to all of Life.

The Water Element, in the form of rivers, lakes, seas, and the great oceans, give off constantly their soothing, cleansing vibrations into the atmosphere of Earth.

The plant life, in forests and gardens, does a similar service and encourages calm, purifying and cleansing the air and the atmosphere.

But in the Mountain Ranges there are those great Streams of Electrical Force in varying intensities, that are consciously flowing all the time to sustain much of the structure of Earth.

Just as the veins and arteries in the physical body carry the Life Stream to the cellular structure and continue the Life processes in the body, so does a similar activity take place on the whole earth, powered by the Mountain Ranges.

Great Streams of Electrical Energy flow through the Mountains like blood flows through your veins and arteries.

And as the Liquid Light flows through the nerves of the body, so is there a similar action of the Liquid Light that flows through the structure of the body of Earth.

In feeling yourselves ONE with the great Inner Fire Activities of Nature, you will begin to absorb the Great Cosmic Energy that is wholly impersonal in Its Service to Life and Its Blessing to the whole world.

You may at any time recharge yourselves with this Cosmic Energy that is absolutely pure and available to you whenever you turn your attention to It.

This Cosmic Light energy is abundant in the mountains, and that is why so many of the great Retreats of the world have been placed within the Mountain Ranges.

It is because of the Purity and the Power that can be drawn upon and integrated into the inner Self, without interference.

With light and blessings,

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