Visiting Arches National Park In Moab, Utah – Part 2

Visiting Arches National Park In Moab, Utah – Part 2

The economy of the little town of Moab has been steadily booming, with the help of the million and a half tourists who come here every year.

It used to be a very remote part of the old, wild West, sparsely populated with gold prospectors and uranium miners.
The roads were rough, and most people accessed the parks on horseback.

In the 1990’s the I-70 highway that crosses the State of Colorado was completed.
It was a major engineering project that crossed the famous Glenwood Canyon that we live nearby.

The ability to cross the canyon in only about thirty minutes allowed small towns across the Western Colorado region to flourish. We were able to drive on the well-maintained I-70 from our home, through the Glenwood Canyon, to within thirty miles of Moab.

Outdoor lovers and adventure seekers from all over the world come to Moab for rock climbing, canyoneering, slack-lining (walking on a tight rope tied between adjacent canyons), camping and hiking.

Some of the many visitors take too lightly the rugged terrain and landscape, and are not prepared for the dangers.
We had to delay our visit to Moab by a day, because of a heavy rain storm in the area.

We did not want to drive in the heavy rains, knowing that the desert is prone to flash flooding and rockslides or mudslides.
On the day we arrived in Moab, we were told that we had arrived on a great day, and that just the day before, a couple and their son from California had slipped and fallen on “Delicate Arch,” the park’s most famous hike.

It is a short hike of only three miles round trip, but they did it early in the morning when it was very dark, and somehow slipped and fell down a fifty foot cliff to their deaths.
Their thirty year old son was severely injured and airlifted to a hospital.

The sun was shining in and out of the fluffy clouds on the day we visited Arches National Park.
The hikes are easy if you are reasonably fit, and at this time of the year, we did not carry any water with us.

The park has some toilets in a few locations, but no places to buy food or water, so you have to plan ahead and bring a packed lunch with you.
We brought some water and bought freshly baked muffins from the lovely cafe in Moab called “Love Muffin.”

At home when we decided on this road trip, I had planned to bring with us a thermos so we could take hot tea for the day hikes or for the long drives, but I forgot to pack it.

There is such natural beauty everywhere you look in this vast landscape, and so little human habitation or development.
It is a mystery to me that people like to live in big noisy cities that end up being overcrowded and grimy, when there is so much open space and natural beauty that is cheap and empty.

Talking about empty space, I just read a little-known fact about quantum physics that is astonishing.

We all know that 99.996 percent of any atom is empty space.

The nucleus of the atoms of the human body seems to be solid, but it is infinitely small.

In fact, it has been calculated that if you took the entire population of the Earth, all seven billion of us, and removed all the empty space from all of our combined atoms, the entire human race would fit into a single sugar cube.

Imagine that…. all the actual physical matter of the whole Human race, fitting into one sugar cube….

Our very essence, which is our true divine Self, is pure energy, everlasting and incorruptible.
It is not subject to age, decay, sickness nor death.
It is not affected by what you think you are, by your belief in your littleness.

The mighty “I AM” presence within each of us, is the all mighty God of our being.

You are forever creating, consciously or not.
You can train yourself to create with the Light of Love.

Vow to maintain a tranquil and sweet disposition in the face of all circumstances; it is a way to self control and absolute self mastery.

Affirm to yourself: “I AM the harmonious presence, ever pervading in whatever circumstances I face.

I AM the governing Presence.
Governing in perfect Divine order, commanding harmony, happiness, and the presence of God’s opulence and abundance in my mind, my home and my world!”

With blessings and light,

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