Day 29 – Walking the Via Francigena – From Orges To Arc-en-Barrois, France – A Pleasant Day Of Walking In The Forest, and Staying At The Edge Of A Forest Full Of Wildlife


Day 29 – Walking the Via Francigena – From Orges To Arc-en-Barrois, France – A Pleasant Day Of Walking In The Forest, and Staying At The Edge Of A Forest Full Of Wildlife

Last night I fell asleep with my feet throbbing and tingling from our long days of walking with a heavy backpack.
We went to bed so late at night, that I didn’t have time to rub my feet or write down any notes about our day.

At night, I had a vivid dream.
I dreamt that a large group of people had come to ask me questions about a miracle I had performed.
I could not really explain how miracles reverse physical laws, since they occur naturally as expressions of Divine love.
All we need to do is make a fertile inner space to allow miracles to happen, so they can undo the past in the present, and thus release the future.

I tried to hide, to avoid the inquiring people’s company, but some of them followed behind me persistently.

Finally I relented and agreed to explain the miracle.
I stood between two people, while talking to the rest of the group.

I said: “You seem to think you see three people in front of you, or three solid bodies with empty space between them.
But space is not empty and bodies are not solid.
Your mind and eyes mislead you.
Bodies are swirling energy vortexes, and the air or empty space you think you see is also pulsating energy.

Thus in Truth, all is ONE energy and nothing is or could ever be separated.
When you understand this, you will be able to do this…”

At this point, I closed my eyes, lowered my head and spread my arms to my sides.
The sensation of tingling in my feet had turned into a stronger but pleasant vibration.
I was not sure what was about to take place.
I had an inner trust that whatever needed to happen to demonstrate my point, simply would happen.

To my amazement, I rose up in the air and floated up to the ceiling of the room.
It was such a lovely sensation.
I felt as light as a feather.

Later in the day, I tried to recall this sensation of levitation and lightness during our walk, when my backpack felt heavy and my feet were tired from the walk.

Our muscles were tired from the previous long day, and we needed to take brief rest stops a few times during the day.
Luckily, we found benches in the shade, and even an open cafe inside a hotel to sit and drink a coffee.

Most of the day we walked in a vast forest.
Some sections were through a mossy hilly forest and some on flat paths through tall trees that made a pleasant cool walk in the forest.

By midday, we sat on a long cut tree in the forest to eat our lunch.
Our lunch was a packed baguette with cheese.
The owner of the Inn where we had stayed last night, had bought extra baguettes at the bakery for us to pack for lunch.
She did the same for Carla and Paul, the other pilgrims who stayed in her guesthouse last night.

By the end of the day, we were tired and happy to arrive at our guesthouse for the night.
It is located on the edge of the forest, which is full of wild animals.

The owners are a couple with their children.
They have a dedicated, rural, comfortable B&B attached to their house.
We were welcomed by Stephanie, the owner, who served us ice cream and showed us to our spacious room.
They are lovers of animals, and lots of wildlife live in the forest around them.
I have seen lots of wild boars, and herds of deer come to their gates.

They have fenced in their house so the animals can come only when they open the gates.
They told us that the deer and stags are shedding their antlers now, and their bray is so loud, that they closed the gates to keep the deer in the forest, so we could sleep well at night.

Dozens of deer ran to her husband as he brought food for the deer.
That night they had three rooms occupied.
We met the other guests over dinner, which we ate sitting around a big communal table.

Beside us there was a young German couple with their two young girls staying at the guesthouse.
The mother was pregnant, expecting twin girls.
They were traveling in their car, driving back to Germany, which will take them only five hours.
We had a lovely conversation about their years of living in New Zealand.

We had to go to bed early, because tomorrow we have another very long day of walking, and both of us felt pretty tired.

Good night to you my dear, and warm blessings,

Today’s Stats:
Daily Steps – 38,558 Steps
8 hours of walking
Active walking time – 6.5 hours
Daily Kilometers – 28.5 Km
Total Kilometers walked from Canterbury UK – 653 km

Domaine Val Bruant, about 5 km south of Arc-en-Barrois.
A rural comfortable B&B surrounded by forests full of wild animals.
Will arrange to make a delicious dinner if you ask.

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