Art on the streets of Berlin


Art on the Streets of Berlin

Berlin is an exciting city.
Everywhere you look, you see contemporary art.
Beside the remains of the Berlin Wall, which is now an open space art gallery, there are exciting museums and cultural centers showing great art that will expand your soul.

And who would have expected it… the Vegan Vietnamese food in this city is AMAZING.

Years ago, I googled a search on my phone for a vegan restaurant in a European city we were visiting at the time.
The google search came up with over 300 vegan restaurants.
My mouth dropped, and then I realized that the results showing were for Berlin, not in the city we were then in.

Back then, I made a mental note to revisit Berlin.
“Any city that has over 300 vegan restaurants and art everywhere, is bound to be an exciting city,” I thought to myself.

Berlin is truly a fabulous city.
There are exciting small restaurants and cafes, most of them with an emphasis on healthy, vegan food.

We have eaten multiple times in vegan Vietnamese places, all bustling with customers at all hours of the day, serving finger licking tasty vegan versions of Vietnamese food.

In a small Japanese cafe we had delicious Japanese Onigiri (rice balls), served with a great selection of Japanese teas and vegan Japanese sweets.

We have enjoyed every day of our stay here in Berlin.
Our hotel is located right on the river Spree, on the edge of the Tiergarten, a huge park in the middle of the city with beautiful trees.

We have a waterview suite in a truly luxury hotel, that for some unknown reason, does not charge much for the amazing services it offers.
We get room cleaning two times a day, free nightly port and sparkling water delivered to our room, a fresh fruit plate daily, a great living room with soft sofas to lay on and read, a writing desk, and a great bath tub which I have been using daily, softening my skin and warming up my bones.

Every morning we start the day with a fabulous breakfast in the club room, servicing only the six suites of the hotel.

We enjoy a selection of freshly baked German breads, local cheeses, freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juices, soy lattes and fresh berries.

The weather is cold and the days are short.
Sunset is at 4:30 PM, and by 5PM, it is completely dark.
After breakfast, we bundle up with warm clothing, scarves, ski hats and gloves, and off we go, exploring the city.

We have visited great markets, some indoors and some outdoors, with selections of goods and food that you only will see in this part of the world.
People are polite, orderly, respectful and they obey the law.
Nobody jaywalks while a traffic light is red, and nobody rides the bus without paying (like they all do in Paris), even though there is no supervision at all.
They truly honor their honor system.

We have taken so many great photos, but I will have to post some more on my next post, to divide them.

Wishing you warm and wonderful days,


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