Our last day in London before going to Canterbury


Our last day in London before going to Canterbury

On our last day in London, we tired to savor the delights of this lovely city, before saying goodbye.

We saw some good films at the London film festival, namely “Namdev Bhau In Search Of Silence,” about a Mumbai driver who escapes to the Himalayas in Ladakh, in search of some peace and quiet.

This low budget movie is absolutely fascinating, created by talented new filmmakers with original music and fantastic cinematography.
The actor really is a taxi driver in Mumbai and the young boy he meets in the Himalayas is so talented.

We stayed after the screening to meet the directors and cast, and participated in the question and answer dialogue.

We went to the Portobello Market, which stretches along many streets and offers vegan street food and lots of interesting crafts, antiques and bric-a-brac to see.

We saw another interesting artistic film made by an artist in the film festival, about feminism, beauty, plastic surgery and our cultural programming making us yearn to look good and sexy.

The movie, called “Make Me Up,” is very artistic, with no story line, but with its colorful imagery and music, it holds many messages on a subliminal level.
I loved it.

Our last dinner in London was in a great Lebanese restaurant called Ishbilia Lebanese Restaurant, on the edge of Hyde Park.
They charge a small cover charge of 2.5£ per person, but in exchange we were served a huge plate of fresh raw vegetables and a selection of olives, to dip in our hummus and the other dishes we chose.
They also gave us a free selection of Baklava for dessert.

Despite seeing so many people homeless and destitute in London, I enjoyed this city.
Efforts are being made to help the homeless.
We saw people distributing bags of food to the homeless, and I am hopeful that they have adequate shelters, since winter is coming soon…
I even saw a homeless man eating a generous lobster meal, that somebody had given him in a takeaway box.

Late at night, on our way back to our apartment as we crossed the London Bridge, I saw a homeless man using one of the red phone booths that are such a famous part of London, featured in so many photos and postcards.

Apparently he was calling his parole officer.
He was screaming into the phone:
“Don’t you understand me?
I WANT to go back to prison!
It is warm there and at least I get three meals a day!”

Late at night in our apartment, we took hot showers and repacked our backpacks.
They felt heavy and very full.

What a twist of destiny’s hand, to give us big backpacks full of stuff and a comfortable clean bed to sleep in, while a homeless brother down the road is yearning to be back in prison….

We are a bit nervous about walking with our heavy packs….
But I trust all will be fine!
For us and for our less fortunate brothers and sisters…
Good night London…
We shall surely meet again!

Warm blessings to you,

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