Money Miracle… The true story of how money manifested out of thin air



Money Miracle… The true story of how money manifested out of thin air

I would like to tell you an amazing true story, of how money had manifested out of thin air.
It is hard to believe, even for me, nearly two years after it occurred.

The Bible is full of stories of miracles.
Permanent Healing of sick people, resurrection of the dead, and “Mana” that had manifested from the air for the Jewish people while they wandered in the desert.
While they imagined themselves on the verge of starvation, each person ate the mana and declared that it tasted like the food they craved most.

There are lots of stories of miracles in the Hindu and Buddhist religions which include masters manifesting to help and offer guidance out of thin air, and materialization of things, even whole houses, out of nowhere.

But few miracles like these are reported as happening in our “modern time” or do they?….

I find myself unable to explain HOW it all happened, although I do know WHY it happened.

I was not brave enough to share this story until now.

I wrote the stories many times, but each time it was too long, so I decided to wait until I can describe what happened with simplicity.

Let me take a deep breath and start….

I have been a student of the Course In Miracles for a few decades now.

The Course In Miracles tells us that Miracles, are NATURAL, and that they occur frequently.
We do not notice them because we do not have a “Miracle Mind.”
It also says that when miracles do NOT happen, something has gone wrong.

We will ultimately remember LOVE and our true divine Nature.
We will awaken to realize our own unlimited spiritual powers .
But first we need to liberate ourselves from our beliefs in illusions being real.

It was Christmas season 2016, and we were in our house in a small beach town in the Far North of New Zealand, packing to go for a few days to Auckland.

I was feeling content and happy at our retreat home, and didn’t really feel the need for a “city fix.”
We were having such a good time in the garden, planting tomatoes, berries, cucumbers and young lemon trees, that I didn’t really want to go to Auckland.

But our hotel reservations in Auckland were non refundable, so we decided to go ahead with the trip.

An inner notion told me that we were not going to Auckland just to dine, walk around and have fun, I had a feeling something big is about to happen, and I was feeling a mixture of excitement and fear.

When we arrived in Auckland, we walked to a cafe near Sky City, the busy heart of central Auckland.

We ordered teas and took them to the second floor, where we selected comfortable seats and decided to read a little, before going to check in at the hotel.

I was reading the Course In Miracles in the cafe where it said:
“You have never understood what the saying: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” actually means.
The word “within” is unnecessary.

The Kingdom of Heaven IS You.
What else BUT YOU did the Creator create, and what else but You is His Kingdom?

Christmas is not a time; it is a state of mind.
The Christ Mind wills from the Soul, NOT from the ego, and the Christ Mind IS YOUR MIND.”

“Mmmm…” I thought to myself.
“The Kingdom of Heaven IS ME…..
I wonder what that mean in practical terms…

Whenever I think of Heaven, I always envisioned an abundance of multicolor flowers and beautiful birds, everybody is healthy and vibrant, abundant and young, I do not envision a city scene full of cars and buildings.
But if I AM the kingdom of Heaven, that means that Heaven goes with me wherever I go… even here in the busy city of Auckland…”

As I was contemplating these thoughts, I noticed that the city seemed extraordinarily quiet.
Auckland felt like a small rural village.

There was no car or bus noise, and to make the experience extra magical, the sound of chirping birds inside the cafe was so loud, that the other couple in the cafe besides us, started sticking their heads out of the window, trying to understand where the birdsongs were coming from.

They had an astonished look on their faces, which I am sure was only matched by my own astonishment.

When we were ready to go, one of the employees in the cafe said:
“Please don’t go, we are open until late in the evening.”

This felt a bit strange to me.
People normally do like us and respond positively towards us, but this was strange….
why would an employee in a cafe whom we had never met before, implore us to stay and not to leave.

We mumbled something about having to check into a hotel and eat dinner, and we gently left.

The next day, we woke up, meditated and walked out.
I felt a heightened state of awareness.

Soon it was time for lunch,
Jules and I were undecided and said to each other: “ Whatever YOU want to eat is fine with me.”
After a few rounds of: “You decide! I really don’t mind what we eat!”
A playful thought came to my mind:
“How about playing a game of trust?

I explained the game to Jules as it came to my mind.
“If both of us really do not mind what we eat for lunch, why don’t we let a complete stranger decide what we’ll eat?…”

I thought it was a great idea, but Jules did not seem so excited.

The playful Voice inside me, suggested that I put the question of lunch to the test, and ask anyone, absolutely anyone, what we should eat for lunch.

The only rule to the game was that we HAD to eat whatever the person said.
Even if the person recommend that we eat meat or chicken, which we had not eaten for decades.

Because Jules was not excited, I felt hesitant.
But the Voice of inspiration kept urging me inside:

“Ask anyone,
Anyone at all….
In fact,” the Voice suggested, “Ask the very first person you lay your eyes on, as you turn around right NOW!”

The very first person my eyes rested upon, was a Neo-Nazi young man with a shaved head, large piercings and a neck tattoo of a swastika that spread across the side and front of his neck.

I was frozen.
I love and respect diversity, but my personal “methods” of going through the world, is to avoid contact with people who might be “dangerous.”

We all have a special place in the collective Creation, but I believe that we need to choose our friends carefully as they do influence us in many ways, and we need to be mindful of the people we spend time with.

I believe that at the core, we are ALL eternal, pure and unchangeable Spiritual beings, and that we are ONE.
So with this in mind, I reminded myself that despite all appearances, this soul with the very scary neck tattoo, is one with me.

But why did I feel so frozen and afraid to approach him?….

The Voice of intuition or inspiration inside me explained:
“You are only feeling what he INTENDS you to feel.
This outer skin that he wears, is his armor.
He does not want anyone to get near him, because he feels vulnerable.

He does not want anyone to tell him what to do and what not to do, how to behave and what is right and what is wrong to believe.
He is wounded and his burden is large.

He feels that nobody has any real answers.
He feels that society is full of selfish people who care only for themselves, promote useless goods and manipulate people for profits and gains.

But, is there ANYTHING that you like about him, and that would make it easier for you to approach him?
After all, you are only playing a game.”

“Well…. I do like his red pants….”
I thought to myself.

Despite my reluctance, I knew I had to go talk to this young man and ask him what we should eat for lunch.
I doubted that he would recommend anything wholesome for us to eat.

The inner Voice reminded me of the Course In Miracles lesson about food and nutrition:
It is called “I am under no law but God’s.”

It says:
“….Think of the freedom in the recognition that you are NOT bound by all the strange and twisted laws you have set up to save you.

You really think that you would starve, unless you have stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs? (piles of money)

You really think that a small round pellet (medicine pills) or some fluid pushed into your veins through a sharpened needle, will ward off disease and death?

You really think you are alone unless another body is with you?

It is insanity that thinks these things.

You call them ‘laws,’ and put them under different names in a long catalogue of rituals that have no use and serve no purpose.

You think you must obey the ‘laws’ of medicine, of economics and of health.

Protect the body, and you will be saved.

These are not laws, but madness!

The body is endangered by the mind that hurts itself.

The body suffers just in order that the mind will fail to see that it is the victim of itself….

There are no laws except the laws of God.
This needs repeating, over and over, until you realize it applies to everything that you have made in opposition to God’s Will.”

Many times and in many situations, I reminded myself of this lesson.
I am under NO LAW but God’s!

This means that all the silly “laws” of nutrition and of medicine are all false.
They are an attempt to make the body real, and separate from my mind and from eternity.

The belief in those “earthly laws” is what makes the body weak and vulnerable.

It is an attempt of the ego to make the body the decision maker, and to convince us that we live inside the confines of body, living as long as the body does, and that we die when the body dies.

We are under NO LAW but the laws of Love, but the laws of eternity!

This is how Jesus was able to walk on water, remembering that he was NOT bound by the laws of gravity.

This is how the Far Eastern Master Yogis described walking through walls, manifesting food or gold from the unseen, and were able to dematerialize and re-materialize their bodies in remote places.

The Buddhist and Hindu religions describe in great details all the Siddhis, or superpowers that are available to us, after we break free from bodily identity and finally realize our unlimited Powers.

We are ONE with LIFE, created in God’s Image and likeness and endowed with the same unlimited powers.

As we let go our small identity and merge into the Universal, we can do and see great things.

If we believe that we can be harmed by eating chicken or gluten or sugar, then we believe in silly earthbound ideas and “laws”, that bind us to illusions.

Whenever I read accounts of spiritual Masters manifesting food from the unseen universal, I laugh.
Most people today would not be wowed by these Miracles, so fixated they are about not eating gluten, or eating a paleo diet, that the whole miracle of food manifesting out of the unseen, showing up directly on their plates, would be lost on them.
They would say:
“Wow, how did this happen? But bread? I don’t eat gluten…. and I wondered if this has sugar in it…..”

With a smile, I approached the young man with the heavy piercings and the swastika tattooed on his neck.

I introduced myself and explained that my husband and I were playing a silly game.
We couldn’t decide what to eat for lunch, so we decided to approach someone we do not know, and ask for their recommendation.

The man looked at me as if he were looking at an alien species that just landed in the middle of Auckland.

Suddenly, he smiled.
He got me and he liked the idea of the game.
The smile made him look almost handsome, sweet and charming.

He introduced himself as Theo.
He said that he was from Spain.
His friend joined us and introduced himself as Gabriel.
Gabriel had sweet and light filled energies.
I wondered what on earth made these two guys become friends.
They could not have looked more different.

A thought came to my mind.
It was no accident.
Gabriel was acting in a guardian angel role, in Theo’s life.
He was there to help Theo in this lifetime.
To help and heal whatever wounded Theo in past incarnations, and to ease the burden that Theo carried.

Suddenly, I found myself catching glimpses of luminous particles in the air.
I could see a vibrating, swirling particles of light, creating patterns in my physical vision.
I noticed that there are shimmering currents of cause, within and behind the visible world.

I looked around me and saw that Theo and Gabriel, were not the only ones who were heavenly paired to help one another in this incarnation.
Many people on the streets of Auckland, were walking with their guardian angels.

Angels might incarnate for a season, for a day, for a specific purpose, for a reason, or even incarnate as a friend or a family member.
They might stay a day or for a long period of time, to give insight, assist or to shine light for those who need them.

Theo and Gabriel both liked my game, and asked if I wanted a fancy sit down meal, or a quick bite?
I allowed them to decide.
They decided we should eat a chicken or fish kabob.

I thanked them and we parted with warmth.
They hugged me and shook my hand.
Theo told me that I was his friend now, a friend for life!

I felt complimented by his sweetness, and felt that it was a progress for him to make strangers into new friends.

Determined to eat a chicken or fish kabob, I looked for Jules.
But he had bolted away when I started this game.

I did not understand why, but he was embarrassed by the idea.
I guess he is still deeply tied to the dream world and to all of its ideas of “normality.”
But he did accompany me to the kabob place, where I ordered a kabob and we both ate it.

From there, we walked to lower Queen Street, where I saw a homeless man sitting on the side of the road.
He held a cardboard sign that said:
“The struggle is REAL!”

At the same time, our small rural community was all in an uproar over a few people who camped on the green lawn in the center of our town, where camping was not allowed.

A thought came to my mind, that homelessness, is partly a result of seeing people not as precious beings who need our love, attention and help, but as strangers.

In fact, my Community was seeing those campers as intruders.
The irony was that those were NOT even foreign tourists.
One of the campers was a couple who used to live in our community 25 years ago and were on a trip down memory lane, while the other campers were Maori people from the South Island, who were traveling in the Far North.

Instead of seeing them as honored guests and human friends, the community was angry, thinking to call the police and post signs prohibiting people from camping there.

I was thinking that it all stems from wrong thinking.
The world they dream they live in,
Is not worthy of the children of LIFE.

Many times I had seen homeless people on street corners in Auckland.
Sometimes, we smiled at the homeless people, or gave them some money.
But we never took the homeless brothers and sisters INTO OUR HEARTS…..

A few times, the homeless Maori people looked into my eyes and said:
“You know, they TOOK OUR land!”
And I was thinking, why are you telling me this?
What can I do about it anyway?

Well, that day on the corner of lower Queen Street, I saw a brother sitting there holding a cardboard sign.

I asked Jules to tell me what he sees.
He told me he sees a homeless man.

I told him to look closer.

I stopped at the corner of the street,
A little distance from ‘the man,’
To allow Jules to look him over
Without feeling any pressure.

He told me that he saw a homeless man with a cardboard sign that said:
“The struggle is REAL!”

I told Jules to look even closer.

He told me that he sees a young healthy man who does not seem to want to work but rather puts a hand-out, taking the EASY away out, asking others for money.

My mind drifted away and deep sadness filled my heart…..
I remembered a movie that we saw recently.
It was called “Trumbo.”

It was about the McCarthy era, the sad times in the USA, when they prosecuted Hollywood movie makers, actors and screen writers who tried to change the world.
All these creative people did, was offer a NEW perspective on communal sharing.
The government called them communists and arrests and blacklisted them.

In the movie, Trumbo took his little girl horseback riding.
She asked:
“Daddy, people say that you are a communist.
They call you a commie.
Are you a commie, dad?”

Trumbo said to his eight years young girl, that labels are dangerous and that they lead to closed minds.

The little girl did not understand.
The metaphor went right above her beautiful young mind.

Then she asked again, “Is Mommy a commie?
Am I a commie, dad?”

Trumbo took a different approach.
He asked his little girl what was her favorite sandwich.

She said ham and cheese.

He asked her, “If you brought your favorite sandwich to school, and you saw a little boy who had NOTHING,
What would you do?”

The little girl quickly answered:
“I would share!”

Trumbo asked: “Are you sure?…
You wouldn’t ask him to get a job?
Or better yet, give him a loan with 6% interest?”

“No… you silly dad!,”
Said the little girl.

“Well darling,
I guess you are a commie then,”
Said Trumbo.

There, on Lower Queen Street, my mind stopped drifting, and I sighed….

In my mind,
I said:
“Brother Jules,
Move over,
Let me show you how it’s done….”

I told Jules to WATCH ME….
Watch me show him a WHOLE different world….
All you need to do
In order to witness a miracle, is simply to follow me and see a different story with your own eyes.

I KNOW that Paradise is REAL.
But nobody believes me…
Heck, most of the time, I do not even get to SPEAK.

You see,
You do not wait to be invited,
You step IN and you MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I walked right up to the ‘man’
Who was really nothing but a young Maori boy in his early twenties.

I came to him not as a savior,
Not as a mother,
Not as a guru,
But only because I actually SAW and SENSED a NEED.


He already put out a call for help in the form of a cardboard sign.
He said on his card, that his STRUGGLE IS REAL….

So I smiled at him from the very depth of my soul.
To me,
He was not a Maori,
Not a man,
Not a boy,
Only a soul who put out a call for help,
In the form of a cardboard sign.

I know that ALL Spirits are powerful
Some of us just need a little help to remember who they are…

He was just a disheartened Spirit
Who needed a dance.
I know I got game,
I sure know how to dance…..

So I asked him:
“Man, you say that the struggle is REAL.
Tell me about it.”

And to show him that I meant business,
I slid to the ground and sat right beside him on the floor.
Both of us with our backs to the wall covering the construction zone on lower Queen street.

He did not have many inner barriers for me to break through.
He was hurting ALL OVER THE PLACE and on ALL levels.
As if he were talking to an auntie, he told me he was homeless now.

I asked him to tell me his story.
I listened, but I did not try to RELATE to his pain.
I was looking for a crack, an opening from which to shine the light…..

When I sat there beside this homeless boy,
I knew that HIS Powerful Spirit would guide me
And that it would tell me exactly what HE needed to hear to help him.

I felt like I had all the TIME IN THE WORLD….
Heck, I felt that I will MAKE TIME,

I WILL DO ANYTHING for this boy….

He was looking at me as if he were thinking:
“Is this woman for REAL?”

And I was thinking:
“You bet your ass that I am for REAL.
I am not moving from your side,
Come hell or high water.

I AM the most REAL person
You’ll ever meet in this New Zeal-Land
And I AM taking over, (as the feminine Spirit of Love)
Because the old school?
They have no fucking clue how things are done….

Little by little,
I got to know this boy.

Jules was by my side, but he did not sit down on the pavement with us.
He mumbled something about new pants and a dirty pavement.

I asked him to sit by my side,
But I could see, that he was still a traveler between two worlds… the dream and the Miraculous one….
I respected that…
I did not need his help.

I KNEW that I was NOT ALONE….
The Forces of NATURE were by my side that day……..

The boy told me that he came to Auckland with his gravely ill mother.
She entered the hospital recently and that she had just lost her BATTLE with LIFE.
He said stayed with her, until she gave up the FIGHT.

He told me that his name was Tu.
He was from Kaitaia.
I told him we were neighbors, living in a small village nearby.
He smiled,
He knew the place.
We were neighbors and we are connected now.

First, I thought to give him back his past, because when the world seems so dark, it is good to remember that our life is a continuation of many moments and many stories, not just a collection of misfortunes and the sad present.

I asked Tu to tell me about his childhood, about the things he liked and loved to do.
I wanted him to reconnect with the joys and powers that he had left behind.

He said he used to love swimming.

I asked if he used to swim in Ninety Mile beach, (a popular beach in his hometown.)

He looked at me shocked, as if I knew all of his secrets and he said that yes, it was his favorite swimming beach.

Then I asked if he had any family.
He told me that he has a sister back in Kaitaia.
She has a husband and a few small kids.
And that he didn’t WANT TO INTRUDE.

These were my code words.
This dear boy grew up believing that he was an intruder.
That his very PRESENCE, was an intrusion on other people’s space.

I told Tu this is BULLSHIT.

I told him NOT to think of himself as an intruder
But as a GIFT.
His P R E S E N C E
Is a P R E S E N T.
He can always offer SOMETHING to his sister, to others and to the world….

A part of me was thinking that I should not tell Tu things that he needs to figure out on his own.
But I knew that this was just part of the old school psychology nonsense.
I cannot wait for Tu to figure things out for himself.
This would take him years…maybe even a lifetime, as it takes everyone else.
I need to offer him another perspective, some comfort and emotional help.

I told Tu that he did not see another option than homelessness right now, because he was still grieving.

Ultimately, I knew that his Spirit would guide him and that he would be fine, but for now, he needed to occupy his mind with some kind of hope, and maybe develop an action plan.
Even if it will not manifest right away.

I asked him what he planned to do after the period of his grieving and his homelessness is over?

He told me he was considering moving to Australia.

I could see that Tu was not used to be thinking of his future, or thinking in terms of goals and action plan.

He wasn’t aware of the fact that he could direct his destiny by creating plans and following through to fulfill his goals.
He looked doubtful as he talked about moving to Australia.
He said it was just a stupid idea.

I told him that grieving was a natural and normal process for anyone experiencing a loss.
Losing his mother, who was a pillar in his young life, was extremely difficult, but he needs to dream and think of all the options that are available to him.

Then I asked:
Can you reach out to your sister?
After all, she also lost her mother….

Maybe you can offer to help take care of the kids,
Make a meal,
Help with the shopping.?…

He had the eyes of a boy who was not used to being loved
Or even being listened to.
Not by his family,
Not by anyone….

This is what the “old school” ways had led to…..
Kids who become adults without ever learning how to function in society.

I felt an inner anger towards the “old guards” of a decaying and unloving society, which glorify those who are clever or rich, and step on those who do not know HOW TO “EARN their LIVING”…
Can’t we just let them LIVE?….

I became aware that a part of me wanted to play the mother.
To offer Tu a practical shelter.
To offer that maybe he should come home with us,
But I sensed that this was NOT what was needed.

He did not need another mother.
He loved the one that passed away.

And ALL of this world’s old school guards, who keep the world revolving on its rusted old axis, need to back off!


And I WILL part Heaven and earth
To help him LIVE.

My brother TU,
He just needs to remember

So we talked some more
Tu and I.

He told me that he swam in the Viaduct harbor where they have roped off a small space.
Earlier, I saw people swimming there and they did look like they were having fun.

Then I KNEW how I could help him to remember that he is a GIFT and not a burden.
He could start by giving ME a gift.
I needed Tu to give me the official Maori Hongi
The one I once messed up when I had my chance.

So I told Tu the story.

I told him that once, when I stayed at a rental house in my village, while my house was being renovated, Tai, a nephew of the owner, came over.

He reached to give me the Maori Hongi nose greeting, but being an old school woman, I turned my cheek instead.

(I think it was Jesus who told me to turn the other cheek… didn’t He know that in NZ we rub noses?)

And so Tai, he kissed me on the other cheek.

Since then, every time I saw Maori people touching foreheads and rubbing noses in the nearby town of Kaikohe, my heart filled with thirst….

I wanted SO MUCH to be a part of their beautiful Spirit…
I wanted to be as sweet yet as solid as they are….

So… from the depth of my soul,
I asked Tu to give me the Maori Hongi.

My heart skipped a bit when he did it.
He took his time and he did it slowly,
Deliberately…..and the whole world stopped rotating around us.

In my peripheral vision,
I could see passersby look and try to figure out the scene….
I KNOW that people see on many levels,
All at the same time.

Some see through their blinders,
But those are the blind.

Others saw what was REALLY happening by waves of VIBRATIONS, and I could FEEL their joy…
They KNEW that he was REALLY being helped….

But I did not invite any of them in, by sending out vibrations of :”Oh, can SOME-BODY help him?”
I did not need anybody.
Well, at least Not yet….

Then I went deeper.
From the depth of my soul, to my outer skin….

You see brothers,
You peel the onion from Within…..

Tu was my Maori Brother,
Who forgot his beautiful powerful lineage….

I was there to give it back to him.

When I first realized that the old school elders in NZ knew absolutely nothing,
I was not disheartened.
Instead of selling my house and moving away,
I went straight to the SOURCE.

Without asking for their permission,
I went directly to Maui, the Polynesian God.
I Invited him into my meditations.
To tell me the TRUTH.

Man… it was orgasmic…
When he finally came,

I did not invite Him into my Yoni,
Nor into my vanity,
Nor to heal my insecurities.
I invited Him into my HEART.

And you know what He told me?
He told me:
“Who, me?
I can’t tell you anything,
I do not want to step on ANY TOES…”

I looked at him dumbfounded…
“You too, Maui?
They got you too?”

And then He smiled at me, and in the most beautiful mischievous smile, said:

“Girl…. I already stepped on many toes in this land….
In fact, I even chopped off one John’s toe…
It is YOUR game now…
Girl, I am leaving this to you…..”

And then He got serious again and said:

“Girl! if you want to know the BIG SECRETS….
You gonna have to speak to Rangi and PAPA.

(Ranginui is the Sky Father and Papatuanuku is the Earth Mother in Maori tradition.
They are called Rangi and Papa as affectionate nicknames.)

“Wait,…..” he said, “better talk to PAPA….
She will tell you what to do.
She WILL teach you,
SHE WILL PART THE HEAVEN and the earth for you……
That old man’s game,
It never REALLY WORKED…..”

Back on Queen Street in Auckland,
I was not about to miss MY CALLING…

I asked TU to explain to me
What does he think the Hongi nose-rub represents.

Tu said he did not know.

I told him to try and guess, to tell me the first thing that come into his mind.

He said that he REALLY had NO CLUE
Then in a low voice,
He whispered, that he ALWAYS thought it was a dumb thing to do….

Boy….oh boy,
This boy REALLY needed my HELP…….

So, I stepped in and I told him.

I explained about the concept of “personal space,” and how each person has their own delusions and definition of what constitutes a zone around their bodies, that they claim as “their’s.”

People fear strangers and like to stake their boundaries.
For some,
It is not much,
But for others,
It is acres and acres.

Guarded people,
Do not like it when uninvited people get too close to them,
Or come into “their space”
They view them as INTRUDERS.

One of the reasons for the confusion,
Is that all people misunderstand love and confuse the meaning of touch.

I told Tu that there are many different kinds of love, and many different kinds of touches.

The way I touch him now and hold his hand, is the touch of a sister or a caring friend.
I keep another kind of touch, ONLY for my husband.
It is a different kind of love.

By rubbing noses, you transcend the idea of personal space.
You invite another and you share an intimate space.
For a few moments, both of you become one by sharing a breath….

I reminded Tu of Cape Reinga,
The very top of the North island of NZ, which is a sacred Maori place.
I reminded him of his tradition of the spirits of the dead who pass over from Cape Reinga towards Hawaiiki, the Maori Heavenly Paradise.
I could see in his eyes he knew all this, and was happy to be reminded.

Then I told Tu about the concept of “Soul Recognition.”
Souls recognize each other across the illusion of time and space.

I told him that because we became friends today, we will be allies forever.
I might call upon him in spirit to assist me, and he can call on my spirit as well.
We might change our physical form,
I might dye my hair a different color,
Maybe even be reborn in a different body on a different land,

But on the soul level,
we will ALWAYS RECOGNIZE each other.

Dear friends,
Once there were warriors.
They did not have ANY skin in the game.

By becoming REAL

And then you get to choose.
It don’t matter what color skin you choose to wear,
It is irrelevant.

You EARN your skin
By taking off your blindfolds….
And by becoming REAL….


Once when I came to NZ,
I needed to get a blood test for NZ immigration.

At the small hospital,
When I entered,
A soulful and unguarded Maori nurse recognized me,
On the soul level.

Our spirits had definitely met before,
When both of us were warriors.

She got up from behind the front desk,
Gathered me into her arms,
And she kissed me like a sister whom she had not seen for a long, long time….

It wasn’t a sloppy mushy hug,
She just recognized me…. FACT.

At that time,
I marveled to myself…..
How did she recognize me?….
I’ve never been to NZ before….

Where did I land?
Was this some sort of a magical place?
Is this how they greet people in hospitals in NZ?
what if I were a sick or worse, a very contagious person?

Can people REALLY invite me
into their hearts and homes like they all did?
Is this FOR REAL?
Can Paradise be REAL?
Is it here in NZ?…
Or can I SEE and experience it everywhere?….
Mmmmmm…. interesting…..I must find out.

Back on the streets of Auckland,
I told TU that the nose and the mouth are sensitive gateway areas.
When you invite a person so close to your PERSONAL SPACE,
You smell and you breathe on one another,

You rest on your foreheads….
You rely on each other….
You SHARE your burdens and your POWERS….
His concerns are YOUR ASSIGNMENTS….

Sometimes, you pay your dues with money,
Sometimes, with time,
Sometime you give love,
Sometime you just lend an ear,
But WITHOUT the 6% interest crap….

And sometimes?
Sometimes like in petrol stations, you just ENERGIZE and RE-CHARGE each other momentarily.

Sometimes, like in case of my story,
Since Tu was already a homeless man,
It took about an hour.

But it can take so much less.
In fact,
It REALLY takes just a FEW SECONDS….
This is what the REAL purpose of the HONGI is for.

I knew that Tu needed MORE than just to share my spirit,
He believed he was homeless, so he needed solid PROOF.
He needed money as well.

I did not want to share his DELUSIONS that money is real.
I know that money is just strips of highly valued paper.

So I did not tell him how much I think he SHOULD get.
I asked him to tell me how much he WANTED.

He did not want my money by now.
He refused to name a number.
He was so grateful,
He didn’t know what to think.

I told him to think of me as his sister.
A sister who was WILLING to help.

He said he would NEVER INTRUDE upon his REAL SISTER,
By asking her for help, least of all for money.

I told him that I WANTED to help,
I told him to just ASK……

He giggled and laughed
And I pressured him some more.

In the corner of my eye,
I saw Jules reaching for his small change pocket, looking for the coins.
Was he planning to short-change my boy?….

Man…. oh man, my work was NOT YET DONE……
Tu finally said that he would like a smoke.

I could hear Jules’ silent judgments coming towards me in waves…
They said:

“I TOLD YOU so……
You shouldn’t give money to homeless people…..
They have to PAY in order to see the value of money.
They will only buy drugs, or waste the money on cigarettes….”

But I am NOT A FOOL…
And that old school crap,
Well, it is messing up MY WORLD…

Here I felt that I was fighting the whole patriarchy and the old school guards who set up the “rules” of the cruel and selfish world we all have been living in for so long.

I felt like I was fighting all the ideas that we need to EARN our living and that we share money only with blood relatives whom we love.

I felt a surge of Power,
And I was reassured…
MY SPIRIT really KNOWS how to dance….

I’ve pretended to be blind,
For far too long…

I have tried this before with others,
I failed many times, but now I UNDERSTAND….

The boy Tu,
He does not need MORE judgements.

He needs acceptance,
And tenderness,
And love….

We all know what is right and what is wrong.
But you guys,
You do NOT know how to LOVE….

So, I asked Tu how much cigarettes cost nowadays
But more importantly how much does he WANT.

He finally said with hesitation: “A twenty?”

I was SO proud to see that Jules already reached out for his money, and he was handing Tu a green worthless shitty piece of paper, with a picture of a New Zealand bird on it….

Tu was over the moon.
He jumped to his feet where Jules was standing.
He sensed that Jules is a strong male,
But I have made an opening…

I saw him reaching out his hand for a REAL handshake
And with his other hand,
He was pulling Jules towards him.

I was on the floor
But I KNEW what was coming
Tu was instinctively giving Jules the official Maori Hongi….


Both my men were moving in SLOW MOTION now……
Their eyes were closing…..
The ground we stood on…
It was now a HOLY GROUND….

It was now consecrated by my LOVE….

It was not just a street corner

At the bottom of Queen Street…

This was the REAL thing
The real shit COMING DOWN…..

I did not rush nor hurry them…..

I knew that REAL love,
Can’t be rushed….

Real love,
Is NOT about gain, or sex or about inviting people to your home for company and drinks…..

Love is NOT about social parties,
Where people moan and share their PAINS….
This is not friendship but more like social enabling…
Reinforcing the delusion that we are all UN- ABLE….

When you share this kind of company….
You got to down a gin and tonic….
Or some cans of beer….

What I was seeing in REAL SLOW MOTION….
Was THE BEST motion picture in the STRATOSPHERE….

Talk about Star Gazing,

I had the best seat from the ground….

In a very, very slow motion,
I KNEW I was witnessing something REAL IMPORTANT

Who thought I’d ever live to see the day?….
A white man and a brown man….
Making REAL LOVE in the streets….

Right there in front of everyone….
In the CLEAR VIEW of the public….
This is REAL man….
This is EPIC…
We were traversing space and time….
Going back to the beginning of time….
Before we were clothed in skins…..

There were warriors….
And NOW they’ve finally earned their skins…

And my heart?…
Oh…… it is REALLY beyond description…

How can I ever describe to you how happy I was……
It was euphoric…
I felt like….
I, myself, was the whole Universe, unfolding in ecstatic motions…

After they’ve finished,
Tu assisted me up from the ground and we hugged.
My legs were shaking.

I felt like I had the power to change the whole world.
TRULY everything looked like small change…

My work today was done.
It was MY time to celebrate.
Tomorrow, I might play another game.
Healing other bad vibrations,
That are ruining MY WORLD….

On number 1 Queen Street, there was a pop up bar.
The owner of the bar, recognized my spirit.
He pulled me in with such tremendous force,
And he shook Jules‘ hand.

He held me like a sister.
I was surprised to find that just by shaking his powerful hand for a few REAL seconds, I felt so energized….
It was as if HIS POWER, rushes through MY own VEINS…
I wondered for a second,
Is this what the REAL MEANING OF A HANDSHAKE is for?….

He seemed to me to be a strong warrior-man and somehow, he recognized me.
He sensed that I have just parted Heaven and Earth, to make some space for a disheartened soul….
He wanted to give me a GIFT.
Perhaps a free glass of beer?…

But I do not get intoxicated on cheap stuff any more.
These days, I go for LOVE.
It IS the greatest high.

The number ONE bar is very cool.
They have a Maori slogan that says:

“He Tangata Takahi Manuhiri, He Marae Puehu.”

My warrior brother (white skin) asks me if I KNEW what it meant.

I do not speak a word of Maori, but somehow I did.
But I preferred to HEAR the beauty…. echoing back at me…..

He said:
“It means that a person who mistreats his guests, has a dusty Marae.”
(A Marae is a Maori gathering house.)

He further explained:

“First get your own shit together before helping others.
Or make sure your own good vibes Marae is in order, by never mistreating your guests.”

I felt this message was a Heaven sent message for my community.
How can they imagine that they live in paradise, when they mistreat guests in campers who chose to camp there for the night on the green lawns?

Since I refused my brother’s beer,
He handed me THE HOLY GRAIL….
Yes THE holy grail…

To you,
It might look like just an empty cup made of paper, with the bar’s slogan on it.
A Worth-less…

But for me, it was the holy grail.
It will always remind me of this special day,
In which I took a stand and learned and EARNED so much…

One of our community members who started all this, sent in an email this question:

“Does Anybody know these people?
Those campers on the green?
Are they anybody’s friends?
I do not RECOGNIZE them,
And I don’t want to chase them away,
If they are friends of a member of the community.”

My answer to you sister is:

Tu might be camping in our village’s green,
If he is on his way to his sister’s home in Kaitaia.

He used to be homeless in Auckland,
Because he thought he did not have one single friend in the world.
He did not know he always has friends in HIGH places.
Tu just lost his mother,
And he is MY FRIEND!”

And to those Community members who called me a freedom camper,
and said I came to town whenever I wanted, to eat and shit and spit, I wish to say this:

Yes, you are right.
But just for a moment,
Let me play the drama queen.

Because the snake,
Well, it MUST…. EAT…. ITS… OWN….TAIL….before it disappears….

Yes, I am guilty.
Yes, I’ve poisoned ALL your waters…
I messed up all YOUR good vibes

I AM the REASON for your lost paradise….

I AM the snake who is the INTRUDER
In YOUR imaginary heavenly GARDEN…


You’ve built an arc on middle-earth,
Where only little people and hobbits can survive,
By dreaming that time will keep still.

You moan about the changes in Auckland,
You reminisce about how things used to be before we, all the intruders came along.

You all,
Can choose to play in your little gardens,
Plant fruit trees
And talk about heritage lamps and respecting healthy boundaries.

But I feel like I am doing ALL the dirty work…..
Walking up and down the whole length of the earth…..,
Doing it at MY expense….
Picking up the broken pieces….
Sweeping up the streets
Cleaning up YOUR mess….

Because ladies and gentlemen of the jury….
You can imagine whatever you wish….
Believe me or don’t believe my story…

But I AM pleading with you,
Not for myself,
But for MY homeless brother TU…

It is time to stop imagining that you are living in Paradise
And change your selfish ways of thinking.

It is time to open up your hearts in new and fundamental ways
And it is time to heal.

And his struggle IS REAL….

Well…. as you might imagine, I made no friends by sending this letter to my whole community that day.

But this is NOT the end of my story.
The story only gets better and more surreal from here.

The days we spent in Auckland that Christmas of 2016, felt truly miraculous.

One afternoon, I went down to the hotel’s spa to soak in the Jacuzzi.
There were a few people already in the Jacuzzi.

I sat in the corner, closed my eyes, and started meditating.
Soon, I became aware that minds are truly connected.
It is only because we wish to keep our own thoughts private, that we are not aware of thoughts that cross another people’s minds.

A man sitting next to me in silence, got up to leave.
But before he left, he smiled at me warmly and said: “Thank you so much!”

I remember thinking to myself:
“Thank you for what?
What was he thanking me for?
We did not exchange a single word….
I did not say nor do anything….
I just sat here with my eyes closed….. mmmmm…. I wonder why he was thanking me…….”

A group of Chinese people came into the jacuzzi.
It is a fairly small jacuzzi, and soon it was filled with people.

At first, they were making sure to leave a lot of “personal space” around me, and a little less space between themselves.

I smiled in a greeting, and went back to my deep meditation.

When I opened my eyes again, the group of Chinese tourists were sitting practically in my lap.
They had gathered around me, so close to me, that their thighs and elbows were all rubbing against mine.

What was even more funny, was that the rest of the Jacuzzi was left completely empty.
It was as if they were attracted like moths, not to me, but to the LIGHT in me.

In the evening, we dressed up and left the hotel feeling clean and refreshed for dinner and a movie.

At the front of the hotel, I saw an old doorman who used to work there years ago, when we still used to come to the hotel on occasion.
The last time I saw him was at least 8 or 10 years ago.

I recognized him from a distance.

He stood there waiting for us to approach, obviously recognizing us from across the hotel’s lobby as well.

I became aware that my tendency was to tell myself that he probably would not remember me, and to shut down the vibratory recognition coils that were pulling me and obviously connecting us.

This time, for a change, I did not do it.
I moved towards him, magnetized by the magic of the moment.
He gathered me into his arms and hugged me like a loving father.
He kissed me and swept me off my feet and drew me close to his heart like a beloved daughter.
I could feel that his heart was beating with REAL joy.

Then he wrapped his arm around Jules and said that we had not changed a tiny bit, in all those many years.

This experience also felt magical to me.
By not being guarded, I was given a few moments of REAL joy.
How different this was from a normal interaction between a hotel’s doorman and guests…

How often was I swept off my feet by a doorman in a hotel that I stayed at just a few times?
Well… never.
It had never happened to me before.

Now…. comes the BEST part which I still cannot explain nor wrap my head around…

That night in bed in our Auckland hotel before I went to sleep, I heard the same playful inner Voice saying:

“You did good today, girl!
Not perfect, but you’ve made a real difference.
You stepped beyond your own limits and you trusted my guidance.

I liked what you chose to say,
But I did not agree that you are,
“Walking up and down the whole length of the earth,
Doing it at YOUR expense.”

Although I agree that you are
Picking up the broken pieces,
Sweeping up the streets
Cleaning up the mess,

You do NOT have to feel that you are doing it at YOUR expense.

All the money that you and Jules have, comes from me.
It is MY money.

Who but I fills up your bank account while you are traveling?
Fills it with MORE money than you need for spending?….

Don’t do it at YOUR expense,
Do it at MY expense.
I want to PAY YOU for what you are doing.
Name how much you want, and it is yours.”

I found myself thinking:
“Is this for real?
wow, this is awesome, but I really do not NEED money….
I have SO much… so much of everything…
Houses, cars, bikes, closets full of clothing,
I need nothing….
I feel so rich….
I AM so rich….
I am not sure that there are any more toys, gadgets or earthly things that I want and do not have….

But could you please….
Please help my mother, who lives on social security and please help my sister, who is struggling financially….

Give THEM money if you can…
Yes, this is what I truly want and what I wish for!
I want to see them prosper.”

A few days later I spoke to my mother on Skype.

My mother told me:

You are NEVER going to believe what happened.
It is truly unbelievable!”

My sister in California had found an envelope with $12,000 USD inside her locked safe deposit box in the bank.
Nobody but her has the key, so nobody could have put it there accidentally.
It had manifested out of thin air….

My mother had found an envelope with $10,000 USD in a popcorn box that she had given to her friend.
A popcorn box that was stored in her own kitchen.
The friend handed my mother back the envelope and in it, was a stack of money that had manifested out of thin air….

My explanation?
Well, I have none.
I have NO IDEA how the money manifested for my mother and sister across the world.

The only thing I can swear to you with all my heart and soul, is that every detail in this story, including the two envelopes full of cash in US dollars, is true and really DID happen.

The Yogi Babaji once said:
“There are no miracles.
Many laws of nature are still unknown to most of humanity.”

This means that the power to heal, to overcome all the limitations of the physical world and to manifest things out of the unseen and many other Siddhi powers, are just natural powers given to us, as the perfect spiritual children of the infinite God.

We just need to learn how to tap into them and to utilize them in our daily lives.


I always say that I am a student of the Course In Miracles.
I say this with humility and gratitude, but I am aware that every student has to graduate one day.
Perhaps my time has finally come…

The Course talks about the time when you will stop being amazed by the Miracles happening around you, and start understanding that something has gone wrong, when they do NOT happen.

During the last year, I often thought about what had happened on those days in Auckland.
I thought about it when we decided to put our NZ house on the market and sell it, and I thought about it when the family who loved and finally bought the house, came over.

Sometimes at night, when doubts creep into my mind, I doubt that I had even done anything worthy.

What did I do after all?
I gave a homeless man a twenty dollar bill and some advice and encouragement.
I have done it many times before, but nothing miraculous had happened.

All of us do it for one another many times.
It is NOT something that is worthy of getting $22,000 for my mother and sister…
But yet…. it really did happen….

Thank you for taking so much of your time.
With my love and blessings,

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