Tribes In Sulawesi Indonesia, and more photos from my dives in Lembeh, Indonesia

Tribes In Sulawesi Indonesia, and more photos from my dives in Lembeh, Indonesia

Just as there are forests, mountains and hills on the earth, there are forests, mountains and canyons under the sea.

Persistent currents create deep canyons under the sea, and there are mountains and rocky walls covered in coral. Giant coral formations grow in areas that are suitable, undisturbed by humans or their boats.

In Lembeh, I have enjoyed being reminded of how beautiful our blue planet truly is.

Here in Northern Sulawesi, this region is called Minahasa.
Minahasa is also the name of the ancient tribes that live here.

The name Minahasa is a combination of the word “Mina,” meaning “Becoming,” and “Esa,” meaning “United.”
Thus, Minahasa means that the tribes are becoming united.

Many tribal people live here, and their tribal names are still in use.

There are:

The Tomohon Tribe – “To” means “People,” or tribe, and “Hon” means “Mountains,” or “People of the mountains.”

The Tondano are the “people of the sea.”

The Tombulu are the “people or the tribe of the bamboo” (Bulu is bamboo.)

The Tomseāā are the “people of the flat land.”

The Tontenboan are the “people of the highland.”

The Mantic people is the tribe that does Voodoo and faith healing.

The Bantic people is the tribe that lives in Manado, the capital city of Sulawesi.

Manado is “Mana,” meaning a place, and “Do” or “Dzo,” meaning “far away.”
Thus Manado is a far away place, which it actually is, being so far from other places in Indonesia.

The Wailan people are the ancestors, or “people who live in the sky.”

I love this way of referring to the tribes and of dreaming of ways to unite the tribes.

It is divisions and separation from the Source, from nature and from each other, that causes all our problems.

I tend to think of myself not with any tribal, religious or national affiliations, but as a human being, fortunate enough to be here on earth, and to enjoy its glorious beauty.

Yes, I tend to ignore politics, because it is a source of agony and division.
After all, there have always been tyrants as well as compassionate rulers, and there are ego driven and corrupt politicians everywhere.

I also tend to ignore religious affiliation, because all religions, at their core, celebrate some form of the Divine Creator in a language and with symbols that the local people can relate to.

So….when you stop focusing on what separates we humans from one another, you start seeing how wonderful the human experience can truly be, when you can lift your eyes from misery.

The body, which is the sensor through which most people experience life, is divine and intelligent and is capable of healing itself and regenerating itself.

If we do not overburden it with limited ideas, bad thoughts, anger and toxins, or assign to it exalted roles it cannot fulfill, it will be a wonderful instrument with which we can sense and experience the world.

Ultimately, the goal is to get to a point in which your ethereal or subtle body is so radiant, that the physical body is fully transformed.
Until this occurs, remember to encourage yourself with kind words and gentleness.
Do the same towards others.
Be kind to others and encourage them, too.
Remind them that they are divine beings with unlimited potential that is waiting to unfold.

Anyway…. I have added more photos I took during my amazing dives in Lembeh.

Be you filled with love and light,

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