What Does It Mean To Be A Human- Being

You are, and will forever be, a divine, innocent, invulnerable, loved and eternal spiritual being.

Here on this earth, you are having a human experience.

It might seem hard at times to be a human, to see everywhere around you the injustices and wars and all the cruelty, and to feel helpless, small and earth bound, but it is NOT true!

Those feelings all originated from your ego, which has no real perception of whom you TRULY are, and of your divine potential.

Your ego is the one who is small, fearful and limited in every way.
But you are NOT your ego.

What you see around you, all the injustices, cruelty, limitations, poverty and struggles, are all dreams of guilt and karma that each person has to work through to become liberated.

Your journey on this earth was not meant to be a struggle, but a journey of joy, fun, laughter and creative possibilities.

You are not earth-bound, but FREE!!!!!

Wouldn’t you be delighted to hear that you were wrong?

You believed that this is reality.
That you had no choice.
That you came here and found this place already pretty messed up, a big jungle jumble.

Why would you not be joyful to hear that all this “reality,” in which you view yourself bound by cruel earthly “laws,” in which you see yourself subject to the passing of time, the restrictions of space, rapidly aging, vulnerable to sickness, decay and death, all this is nothing but a dream, a nightmare, an illusion….

You ARE a Divine unlimited, eternal Spiritual Being.
You are NOT a body!

Change your mind and it will change your reality for the better.

If you are not yet ready to awaken, because you fear discovering your true godly powers, and realizing how you have been misusing those powers all these years, at least dream a gentler dream….

Dream instead that you are a divine HUMAN BEING….

To be a “Human” means that you are a “Sacred Earth Man or Woman.”

The very definition of what it means to be a “human,” to be “humane,” to behave “humanely,” is to be graceful, considerate, compassionate, philanthropic, kind, gentle, polite, learned, refined and civilized.
Embody all these qualities.

Forget about all the small definitions of your identity.

Do not think of yourself as a woman or a man, or an Indian or a Chinese or a Bhutanese, a German or a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian, a wealthy person or a poor man, someone highly educated or a high school dropout.
Drop all those labels.

Think instead:
“I am a Human Being.
I am graceful, considerate, compassionate, giving, kind, gentle, polite, helpful, refined, joyful, light-filled and civilized.

I am here to do much good, to find my beautiful inner Voice and to spread joy, blessings and Light!
I can do it!
I am a Human Being.
I am Divine!”

Anyways… I am sure you get the point….
Nobody is here to struggle, obsess over diet, food, fitness, age, careers, and fake powers.

But everyone who is here, is on a spiritual journey to discover who they REALLY are….. only some of us still do not know it….

Sending you millions of blessings,

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