Secrets Of The Himalayas, The Aryan Race And Its Connection To The Israelites

Secrets Of The Himalayas, The Aryan Race And Its Connection To The Israelites

Without planning it, we came at a very good time to Ladakh.
Beside the fact that the weather was lovely, with mildly warm, dry days and cool evenings, we unknowingly came at the festival season.

The Naropa festival, which is called “The Kumba Mela Of The Himalayas,” was happening in the hills surrounding Hemis Monastery, and the Ladakh Festival, a secular festival including tribal dances and games, took place in the center of Leh.

The Hemis monastery houses a wonderful collection of Buddhist statues, tribal and religious items and art.
One of the items on display which caught my interest was a tiny animal called “The Vulture’s Pup.”

The museum’s explanation card said that every once in a RARE while, a vulture lays its eggs in a nest and at the same time, gives birth to a single wingless puppy.

The creature has the body of a tiny dog, covered in fur, but it has a small beak and no wings.

The puppy lives on the ground following its mother’s shadow, as the vulture parent flys in the sky above it.
It is said that the puppy can only be seen by wise or spiritually advanced people.

The one on display in the museum, was not a grown puppy.
It looked like one that was just born.
It was the size of a small guinea pig with white fur and black spots on its body.
It had a tiny vulture’s beak.

I was absolutely amazed to see such a creature, even though it was right there, in front of my very own eyes.

Interestingly, the Turks have a similar tale about the vulture’s pup, born on rare occasions in the remote mountains.

The Turks’ story of the vulture’s puppy is a little bit different.
It is said that when a vulture grows very old, it lays its last two eggs.
From one egg hatches a bird and from the other, a furry puppy without wings that has a vulture’s beak.

Perhaps the story of this amazing creature spread to Turkey from Ladakh, because Turkey is populated by people who are the direct descendants of the Muslims that once occupied Ladakh, starting in the thirteen century.

In Hemis, a sacred scroll is kept under lock and key indicating that Jesus used to lived in India for a long period of time before and AFTER his crucifixion.
Unfortunately, the only Lama who can give access to this sacred scroll is now held prisoner in Tibet by the Chinese and is unable to travel.

Still, this historical account was seen by many, including some writers and artists who lived in Ladakh before the Chinese occupied Tibet.

This was not a surprise to me, since I have read accounts of Jesus living in India, including those in the fascinating series of books, “Life and teaching of the Masters of the Far East,” by Baird T. Spalding.

The years that Jesus spent in India BEFORE his crucifixion are referred to as “The Missing Years.”
The years he spent AFTER his crucifixion are of course not mentioned anywhere in the New Testament.

Only these ancient scrolls, document the account of the Master’s life in India and his life among the local tribes who grew to love and admire him.
(If you are interested in finding out more about this, read the book “Jesus lived in India- his unknown life before and after the crucifixion,” by Holger Kersten, Penguin press.)

The annual Ladakh festival took place at the Polo Grounds, right in the center of Leh.
We made our way there after breakfast.
It was a very crowded affair with a covered tent for VIPs and dignitaries and a separate covered tent for the tourists.
This year’s festival was especially important, considering the recent border violence between India and Pakistan, in the nearby Kashmir province.

We sat on the dirt ground among the locals, and a few adventurous tourists soon joined us.

It was a good opportunity to see the many different tribes of people who live in Ladakh.
Each tribe performed a song or a dance, by people wearing their traditional beautiful costumes, adorned in their jewelry and headgear.

The accompanying music was often provided by a team of drummers seated on the ground nearby, or by small groups of tribal musicians who had traveled here with the singers and dancers of their tribe.

There was a sword dance performed by Kashmiri men, different Tibetan dances by people who originated in the varied regions of Tibet, and a dance by the Aryan tribe.

The existence of the Aryan tribe is one of the secrets of the Himalayas, reaching deep into the past of human history, going further back than most people can imagine.

You will not find this information in contemporary history books, but this knowledge has been safely kept and preserved in the Akashic records, waiting for the further evolution of the human race, to be released.

The Aryan people have lived in the mountains of Ladakh for thousands of years.
The Ladakhis call them Brokpa or Drokpa, which means Nomadic People, or people who migrate from place to place with their cattle in search of green pastures.

Before the Aryans settled in permanent villages, they camped in the valleys of Ladakh, mainly in the Baltistan, Purig, Zanskar and Nubra valleys.

Their migration routes are clearly mentioned in their folk songs, which they still sing during their New Year’s and harvest festivals.

The Brokpa people have many similarities to the European and Iranian people.
They are tall, with fair skins and long noses, some with blue eyes, and many have hairy bodies, which is very different from the Asian and Tibetan tribes whose men have hairless bodies.

The Drokpa brew wine from locally grown grapes, a tradition very foreign to the other regions of Ladakh, in which people make Chang from grain and do not make alcohol from fruit.

The Aryan Drokpa tribe follow a calendar based on the solar system, instead of the Lunar one used by the local Tibetans and Chinese in the area.

Their dialect, called Minaro, emerged from a mixture of various languages, and includes many words which sound very similar to Indo-European words.

They rarely fertilize or use any pesticides in their orchards and fields, and they rear many sheep and goats.
All their produce is organic and the apricots grown in their region are believed to be more delicious than those grown in other parts of Ladakh.
They also grow tomatoes as a cash crop, which they sell in the markets and supply to the Indian army stationed in Ladakh.

Some claim that the Aryan tribe has been so isolated in the past, that they have not interbred and thus their genetic pool is “pure.”
This is a gross misunderstanding of the term “The pure White Race.”
The correct term should be “The Pure LIGHT Race,” and when you dig deeper into their past, you will make some amazing discoveries about Aryana and the Aryan people.

The word Arya in Sanskrit means “cultured, refined, noble.”

Aryavarta was the name of an ancient and now forgotten land, whose people held in high esteem the importance of culture, nobility and refinement.

Arya-Bhava was the ancient name for the highest virtue.

Arya-Marga was the path to a Noble Life.

In ancient India, the culture held in highest regard the belief that “Great People” make a “Nobel Nation,” which was the motto of the Aryavarta land.

Before the advent of the caste system in that ancient Indian culture, it was believed that ALL people belonged to a complete and total brotherhood.
True love and reverence for each and every human being was the common belief.
People were inspired to become truly humble souls, remembering and knowing that ALL and EVERYTHING is God.
They were called the Aryan People.

The Aryans dreamt, philosophized and KNEW, that God was actually enthroned in the hearts and lives of ALL mankind.
God, or the REAL essence of each human being, is that which is true and beautiful in every person.

They believed all people to be God-Men, and thus aspired to manifest that in ALL aspects of human life.

The Aryan message was, “Build up your manhood and womanhood to become more God-like, and you’ll build up all of humanity.”

Now… all this is wonderful, but it does not explain WHERE the Aryan people originated from…

The clues to this mystery are found in the earlier “Teachings of Osiris.”

King Thoth was of the First Dynasty of the Egyptian Kings.
Centuries before King Thoth, the people living on the land that is now known as Egypt, had built up and maintained a glorious civilization of unity and brotherhood, under the guidance and direction of Osiris and his followers.

These people were the Pure Light Race, and were always known as The Israelites, of whom the Hebrew race is a MUCH later division.

Personally, I find it hilarious that Hitler, in his hateful and ignorant attempt to recreate a pure white Aryan race, had actually attempted to destroy the direct descendants of the true Aryan Race.

Thoth ruled wisely and attempted to maintain the Osirian spiritual teachings but, as his days passed, the dark concepts crept in, and the Egyptians, known as the dark hordes from the south, who had swept him into power, gained sway.

The succeeding dynasties fell away from Osirian teachings and gradually took up the dark concepts of the dark materialistic race, and started practicing curses, spells and black magic, instead of following the simple Light-filled principles of love, divinity and unity.

The Aryan Race is a direct branch of the original race, known as the Israelite race.

The first name of the race known as the Israelites, was Is-rael, meaning the Crystal or Pure Light race, the first race that ever inhabited the world, the original or root race from which ALL other races sprang.

This race was designated as the “Straight From God Pure Light Race,” thus the literal meaning of the name Israel (Hebrew ישראל) means: “Straight From God,” ישר-אל.
This name implies a direct ray or a beam of light that comes straight from God or goes straight to God.

I’ll bet you that most people living nowadays in Israel, have no idea what the name Israel means or where it originated from.

From this race sprang the Aryan race.

Throughout the years, thousands of false facts, and falsifications of true chronological events, were written and adopted to replace the original history that had been preserved by the Israelites.
Large portions of the true historical data were distorted or effaced.

The Ten Tribe House of Israel is commonly known as the “Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel.”

After the division of the Ten Tribe House into two, the root kingdom was known as the House or Kingdom of Israel.

The other was known as the tribe of Judah.
To hear Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob referred to as Jews, is a common error and a subversion of the truth.
Only the descendants of the tribe of Judah can be called after his name, ‘Jews.’

The term ‘Jew’ was never applied to the Ten Tribe House of Israel nor to the twelve tribes of Israel.

The Israelites were not Jews, but the Jews were indeed a tribe of the Israelite Nation.

When the tribe of Judah left Palestine and went into captivity, the name ‘Jew’ was applied to their tribe.

Those that are known to us today as ‘Jews,’ are the remnant of the tribe of Judah that returned to Palestine after they were released from captivity.

Many of them had mixed their blood with people of surrounding nations throughout the years.

Those who are called ‘Jews’ today, are less than one-third-blood of the real tribe of Judah.

Wherever the Jews have lived and mingled with the Israelites or the Aryans, they have flourished.

The Israelites who migrated throughout Europe, are not a part of the race that are now known as the ‘Jews.’

The Israelites settled in the British Isles and elsewhere along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and through inter-marriage and the effects of the local environment, have lost all their tribal characteristics.

The Jews are part of the keepers of the Light, belonging to the great race that has assisted in preserving the God-ideal, until all races are restored into one race, with the Christ or LIGHT of God as the core in each person, as it was before the great race began to disseminate widely and subdivide.

It is not difficult to trace the migration of the Israelites from Jerusalem.
The trails of those who settled in the British Isles are readily distinguishable.

Likewise, that of the tribe of Dan.
Their name and history, as well as the places where they settled, identify them.
The Danube River, named after the Dan tribe, was an open roadway, through which, after dissembling into tribes, divisions of these tribes came to Britain later as Danes, Jutes, Picts, and under other names as well.

Thus, they went into Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, and other countries and, under these various names, they came to Britain and thence to America.

When they reached America, they had arrived in their former homeland.
In this land of their origin, they have been quickly losing their tribal identities, and have been changing their language into the one language and that language will be the one which they spoke when they departed.

They have wandered from home for a long, long time, but they are back again to their homeland; and that land extends to South America, Australia, New Zealand and the South Sea Islands, and is as far flung as Japan and China.

The Japanese and Chinese have migrated very little.
They are divisions of a vital race that migrated from the motherland of Mu, long before the disturbance that caused the mother continent to sink.

They were called Uiguar, or wandering tribes, and are the progenitors of the Great Mongolian races.

It is in this homeland that the white race achieved the highest civilization.
They used emanating and radiating energy and released the energy of the atom to do useful work.

They also developed levitation which they used to transport themselves from place to place.
Their philosophy was entirely free from pagan worship, creed, dogma, and superstition.

They worshipped the true Principle flowing through all of humanity: “Man as Divine and as God.”
Or to put it in other words: “Man IS Divine and Is God.”

Israel-Arya extended to Iran and Aryana.
Ancient Aryana Vaeja grew to become a federation of 240 nations with many kingdoms and nations.

Aryana’s borders stretched from the Indus River that flows through Tibet, Ladakh to Kashmir, Pakistan to spill into the Arabian sea, to Persia-Media.

Aryana eventually extended from Central Turkey in the west, to the Taklamakan Desert in the east, from the mid-Caspian region in the north, from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, to the Persian Gulf and the western Indus delta in the south.

Anyway…. I am adding photos from the rest of our time in Ladakh and the beautiful people who live here.
It was a glorious time and I wish this region peace and civil progress.
Next, we move to Shimla, a resort hill town in Himachal Pradesh, Northeast India.

***If you are interested in further readings about the subject of Mu, the lost Pacific Ocean continent, there is the series of books:
“The Lost Continent of Mu, the Motherland of Man.”
“The Children of Mu ” (1931), and “The Sacred Symbols of Mu (1933). By James Churchward (1851–1936)

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  1. Thank you for the pics! I really enjoyed your reading! Though, the mixed theology confused me 😊 through the biblical scriptures the 12 tribes don’t originate in Egypt even less with Osiris involved… recomend you to read the Bible, old and new testaments and also that take from books like: the book o Enoch, the book of Jasher and the lost books of the bible. Amazing read and discoveries!
    Osiris and the other egyptian/greek/roman gods are actually the fallen angels who thought men astrology, reading/writing ocults and magics, how to build weapons and warfare. Many nowadays believed they are the aliens…. this fallen angels breed with women and gave rise to the nephilins.
    So tread carefully when when you think of osiris as pure light. I was very free spirit also and harboured every good thought from every philosophy. But it’s not quite like that! There exists a hidden war of principalities going on…unfortunatly is not all lovely dovy and we must pick a side.

    Humans were divine, meant to be the angels of God on earth…but they fell. To try to recover the lost divinity given and taken by God requires much sacrifice and faith? Jesus opened the door…. we fail to think of us as gods! Man is not God! God the creator is only one and we were among His devine creation. The way is to bring him in us by knowing him…
    The tribes are lost and every race is in them… God says: those who call themselves jews, are not! They are the synagogue of the devil. So the jews we know are not of the tribes, they adopted judaism. Most are the kzarians.
    Egypt is the house of bondage, the ppl of God were held captive by them until God sent Moses came to free them.
    I belive this aryan ppl as well as the dravinians have some resemblance with the true Israeli. As they are descendants of Cush/ son of Ham/son of Abraham, the descendancy of Christ comes thru Shem the uncle of Cush. Cush married a black medianite woman and gave birth to the dark dravinian indians. The Aryans came from the other descendants of Cush, babylon and is believed to have come thru albinism. As God aliked the children of Israel to the cushites….it was my best attempt. I don’t believe that israelites were caucasians nor black like some believe…they were several times mistaken for egyptians, papyrus show egyptians brown with a reddish hue compared to nubians who were strictly black. So, connect the dots…
    The first fairest whites were the children of tubal who settled in toscana after Babel, so the alpines. The Aryans the first whites by albinism…

    Sorry about the lecture! 😂 maybe wrong!
    Peace and love!

    • Aryans were brown people similar to ORIGINAL Arabs.

      The Europeans are Germanic and Roman who never used Aryan at all in their languages till 1947.

  2. Hi, I believe you are incorrect about the mixed race line of Jesus. After years of study (Historic, Archaeological, Scientific, and Biblical study and correlations), the Pure Israelites were Caucasian, hence the term “Fair” and ended up into Europe as the Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Slavs, Celtic and Germanic peoples. Unfortunately they have forgotten their true identity and are scattered abroad and are being genocided by the Edomite Jews that control the world today. The So-Called Jews of today come from Edomites (from Edom-descendants of Esau who intermarried with the Canaanites) who in time infiltrated the political, financial, and upper priesthood and basically took over power from the true Tribes of Judah and Benjamin and became the revelations 2:9 and 3:9 “Synagogue of Satan” which Jesus talks about. This happened between the approx 400 years between Malachi and Matthew when Judah won the war and captured Edom allowed them to stay in Judah and absorbed them into the Tribe as long as they agreed to convert to Hebrew Religion, which they did outwardly, but in time, they covertly took over the Kingdom of Judah and pushed the true Hebrews out of power and took over the whole scene. This is why Jesus in John 8:44 and 8:47 told them they are of their Father the Devil and said ye are not of God but true they were of Abraham since they came from Esau. The war between the two Brothers Esau and Jacob is still going on to this day and that is why international Jewish power elite (Rothschilds, Warbergs, Schiffs, Kuen-Loebs etc etc) are using their financial political and social powers to covertly destroy and eradicate the true children of Jacob to this day working 24/7 to kill and mix race them out of existence.

    • No, the Israelites are Hebrews meaning an Afro Asiatic people related to the original Arabs and Ethiopians, who are all real semite races and dark brown to black skin.

      Aryans are also just Indian people with Arya ancestry not Europeans

      Europeans are gog magog people from the Caucasus mountains.

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