Did they choose to die?

In my last post, I wrote about the fact that we do NOT live in a random Universe, but in a Universe that follows a Divine plan, and that nobody dies without their consent.

I got a personal email comment from one of my readers, who asked me to clarify further.
She asked if I were implying that all of those people on the Germanwings flight, even the little kids, on some subconscious level, chose to die?

It is a fabulous question and one that opens the door to so many levels of understanding that I decided to take the opportunity to write another post on this subject.

The simplistic, but no less true answer, is that those people DID NOT DIE.

Death is not real. It is a misunderstanding.

When you take a cube of sugar and dissolve it in a glass of tea, the sugar is not gone – it is still in the cup with all of its sweet essence – it just no longer exists in the form of a grain and a cube.

When we no longer see a physical body, we assume that the person has died.

But the physical was never more than an outer misunderstanding, a misconception of the ever pulsating supreme energy field of intelligence and information that is a human being.

In other words, we are Divine beings, radiating glowing light in an energy field of intelligence and information, who only APPEAR to the physical eyes as a dense body.
Our physical eyes are trained to see only the surface of skin, hair, and bones.

Life is eternal. We cannot die. We go on to reincarnate tonanimate another body and we go on to live another life with its experiences, games and lessons.

It is as if we take on another script, and go on to live it as best we can, as little by little, lifetime after lifetime, we evolve in understanding into embodying the light.

Years ago, Dr. Brian Weiss wrote an amazing book documenting his findings while using regression in hypnotherapy, to help his patients through an array of psychological issues.

Brian L. Weiss M.D. graduated Columbia University and Yale Medical School, and is the former Chairman of Psychiatry at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami.

Being trained as a clinical physician, Dr. Weiss was at first stunned and unsure what his findings might do to his academic career if he were to publish them.

A series of personal events and memories of his own past lives led him to understanding that he must share this knowledge, which would help many generations to come to understand the nature of reincarnation.

During therapy, his patients very unexpectedly recalled their past lives, in which they remembered the circumstances of their own deaths.

For example, a patient who had severe anxieties and fear of choking remembered being choked to death in a past life.
Another patient who feared the ocean remembered in vivid details her lifetime which ended in her drowning in the ocean.

In all cases, remembering their past lives and deaths led his patients to healing their unexplained symptoms in this lifetime.

Dr. Weiss went on to write many books about this subject, among them: Many Lives, Many Masters; Only Love Is Real; Messages from the Masters; Through Time into Healing; Mirrors of Time; and Meditation. His Website: http://www.brianweiss.com.

I attended one of Dr Weiss’ lectures many years ago.
In it, he shared a story of a doctor he knew in New York City, who became the father to twin boys.

The twin babies had grown into healthy young boys when the parents noticed that the boys spoke among themselves in a language of their own.

In a consultation with a therapist, the parents were assured that this is not uncommon, and that twins often develop a language of their own.

But the parents felt that this was different.
The boys conversed in a rich language unknown to anyone, but that definitely seemed to be too complex to be baby talk.

On an instinctive whim, the father took his boys to the Linguistics Department at NYU (NY University).

They found that the boys were conversing in ancient Aramaic, a language that is almost extinct.
Its use has only been documented in remote parts of Turkey and Syria.

Now, as Dr Weiss mentioned in that lecture, ancient Aramaic, is NOT something that little Manhattan twin boys could have picked up listening as their parents watched late night TV….
It is obvious that the twins had reincarnated for a purpose.

Allow me to tell you a true story which happened to me just a few weeks ago.

It was early morning and I woke up from my sleep, only to find myself walking along a very sandy riverbed.
The day was hot and sunny and I was not so aware of the exact details of my body, just that it was definitely me and that I was a young woman dressed in what looked like a light fabric coverall dress that is worn by desert Bedouins.

A thought came to my mind that I should not be walking too close to the river, because it had rained a lot in the past few days, and that a flash flood might occur.

Almost immediately, I felt the riverbed crumble under my feet.
I was engulfed in muddy waters, drowning in a stormy, angry river while the strong current was carrying me away.

I felt the muddy water covering me and gushing into my nostrils and filling my mouth.
It occurred to me that I would not make it, that I would die in this river.
I felt surprisingly calm…

A thought crossed my mind, that my husband would never know what had happened to me… That he might think that I had run away with another man….

The thought of him never knowing that I had died seemed to bother me more than the fact that I was actually dying.

I decided to call his name, not with the hope that someone might come to rescue me, but only to somehow let him know that I had not run away with another man, but had died in the flash flood.

To my amazement, I called “Roni, Roni” which is the name of my first husband in this lifetime, the one I divorced twenty five years ago.

Then it all became very calm and quiet, and I felt almost unbelievably peaceful.
I realized that I had “died.”

I felt no sadness over the loss of my young body… I felt nothing but endless peace, engulfed by the lightness of existence.

Moments later I woke up safe and sound in my bed in Colorado, feeling like I just experienced more than a mere dream.
It felt like I had experienced one of my many past lives…..

I could tell you many stories that are documented proof of the reality of reincarnation.

Only a tiny part of our Grand Self is actually living through those dreams and life dramas, incarnating lifetime after lifetime.

We are safe and sound in the arms of God, never apart from the Universal Divinity that has created us.

We are only dreaming that we are small, mortal beings with lessons to learn on this earth and with karmic debts that we need to make right.
We are eternal Spiritual Beings and death does NOT EXIST.

The last part of this post asks the inevitable question: did those people on the Germanwings flight choose on some level to end their earthly incarnation?

When the soul chooses the circumstances of its upcoming incarnation, it does so from the safety and all knowing place of what is called, “The state of in between lives.”

It is not a good description because life is one eternal continuum and if anything, we lower our vibratory rate in order to enter the physical realm.

We choose our parents, our race, our sex, the social and socioeconomic circumstances which we wish to experience.

Dr, Newton (http://newtoninstitute.org) is another hypnotherapist who described in his book “Journey Of Souls” that people in his care remembered  having more than one incarnation during the same lifetime.

A patient was able to connect and realize that while they were living their life, they were also incarnated as a young woman in Canada, caring for her badly burnt younger brother who could not use his hands.

From the “In between lives,” she recalled making a clear decision to devote her incarnation to caring for her brother, never getting married and having what seemed to be a very sad life.

She recalled having a negative interaction with the soul of her brother in a previous life, and she had welcomed the opportunity to make things right in this lifetime with that soul.

Except….. At the same time, this soul was also living a fuller life as a man in America.

Life has no end, and when we make our initial life choices for each incarnation, we do so with the intention of providing us with opportunities to enhance our sympathy, sensitivity and understanding of unity.

This is NOT to imply that your life is predetermined.
You did choose the circumstances and the outline of your incarnation, but how you spend your days, the thoughts and feelings that you choose to have and the way you live out your days, are not predetermined.

Your goal is to awaken.
To remember who you TRULY ARE while in the physical, and to become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR.

Many people are not awakened nor ready to recognize their innate powers.
But on the grander Soul Plan that has been designed BY their Higher Self for them, they do decide when their current incarnation is complete, when it is time to fold the cards and dream another dream.

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