Back in New Zealand and charting our travel plans


We said goodbye to our beloved Rocky Mountains, where the snow is fast accumulating on the mountain peaks, and spent a few sunny but freezing days in Boulder, Colorado.
It felt nice to be among many people again, where everything you might need or desire is right at your fingertips.

After a few fun-filled days in Boulder, we flew to New Zealand, and for the first time in years, we did not continue on to the Bay of Islands, but spent some time in Auckland, tasting a few new restaurants, catching some movies, visiting the Auckland Art Gallery, and getting adjusted to the time difference between Colorado and NZ.

There is a good healthy trend happening in Auckland.
We were able to get fresh squeezed juices at many places, and even dined at a new trendy and delicious raw cafe in Ponsonby, which was buzzing with attractive people.

The Little Bird unBakery serves awesome raw lunches and raw desserts that are absolutely to die for.
They do fabulous business, and we could hardly score a table in this busy small eatery.
They also offer Un-Cooking classes, in how to make raw food taste yummy.
All cooking classes were totally sold out, which was wonderful to see.

The newly opened Federal Street Delicatessen offers some delicious Jewish food made better than what you can get in New York with some NZ twists on smoked fish.
We LOVED eating there, despite the fact that they were SO busy during lunchtime that it felt like eating in the middle of Grand Central Station.
The waitresses were all dressed in the vintage uniforms of an old authentic Deli.

Back in our serene house in the village of Kohukohu, the flowers are blooming, the lemons are big and heavy on the branches of the lemon tree.
The views from our home into the vast harbor always take my breath away…

Our house, which has been kept closed for months, looks and feels so good…
The beauty and the quiet seeps into my soul, and fills me with waves of subtle happiness.

We decided to give ourselves some time to clean things up and get reoriented to our life here again.

We have made great plans for traveling.
Our plans include a short trip to Queenstown and to the Coromandel in NZ, and later we plan to spend a month diving, snorkeling and generally vegging out on the beaches of Thailand.

The idea that we crave some beach time in Thailand came to us in the middle of a long and arduous hike that we did in South Korea.
Tired and fatigued, we passed by a cool mountain stream and stopped to take off our heavy hiking boots and soak our swollen feet in the refreshing creek.

We laughed at ourselves, saying that we tend to spend our vacations climbing mountains or engaging in hard physical expeditions.
We concluded that our next trip will be easy and fun, doing nothing more than resting, breathing and gazing into the eyes of tropical fish through a diving mask…

After Thailand we plan to return to summer back at our calm retreat in NZ where we will work, meditate and do our seasonal juice fast.

From NZ we plan to go back to ski in Colorado for two months, and at the end of ski season, we booked a trip to Iceland, where we plan to see the Northern lights, walk on a glacier, soak in the hot springs and go sledding.

Tentatively we plan to spend six weeks of our next summer exploring Mongolia, and take a short diving trip to Costa Rica, maybe followed by a Buddhist pilgrimage to Sri Lanka.

Life can be so awesome….
It takes a clear and open mind to rise above the veil of illusions and to recognize how TRULY blessed we are, and to CLAIM our blessings and to integrate it all in until it becomes our daily reality.

Many people are sleeping through their lives.
They are fully preoccupied and engaged in their dramas, believing them to be absolutely REAL.

There were times in my life when I too was sleepwalking, putting so much importance on transitory nonsense.
Once when my country was at war, my father was dying of brain tumor, my health and my restaurant were failing and my marriage was over, I thought that I would never rise again.

But those were my own CALL for awakening and they all led me to explore and to search for a greater meaning, in which I discovered that it is fully possible to live a deliberate Co-Creator life on this earth.

Heaven is NOT an afterlife destination, but a true state of mind, of living and being, that can be cultivated and truly enjoyed HERE and NOW.

You can have it all.
To put it more accurately, you DO have it all and you ARE everything that is wholesome, full of love and full of light.

You can live a happy, healthy, vibrant and wholesome life, creating a happy reality filled with your highest aspirations.

You are a holy child of LIFE, and you are ONLY limited by the ideas that you hold about who you are and what is possible for you, and by the efforts that you are willing to put into changing your mind and changing your life for the better.

I urge you to make an effort to change your life drastically.
Make the effort and you will enjoy the results.

People have told me that they cannot juice fast for forty days.
Some even said that is unhealthy, even though they had no personal experience at it and never saw what awesome health benefits it can bring.
Some said that they find it hard to skip even a single meal….yet people who are not even health-oriented are fasting nowadays with great results.

Would you rather be heavy, unhealthy and dislike your body and yourself, thinking of yourself as a person who is simply not disciplined enough, or would you rather feel empowered, strong, and self disciplined, believing you can complete all that you set your mind and body to do?

Life on earth is not an obstacle course to endure, believing that the body and mind are bound to become frail with the passing time.
Life here on earth is a privilege to celebrate!

We came here to overcome our beliefs in limitations and littleness.
We came here to celebrate who we REALLY are, and through many lifetimes of doing it again and again, we experience a personal growth until we can grasp and fully demonstrate our divine and innate Spiritual powers.

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