Can Humans Regrow Limbs- Part 2

Not long ago, I published a post on the subject of our spiritual potential. In it, I contemplated out loud that it is well within the restorative power of our TRUE NATURE to regrow limbs, fingers and toes that had been severed by accidents.

This week on a few news websites, I saw a story of a horse jockey who lost his finger to a horse bite.
The horse mistook his finger for a cookie, and bit it off.
Somebody put his hand into the horse’s mouth and pulled out the finger.
They put it on ice and rushed to the hospital, hoping it could be reattached.

The finger was beyond repair, but Dr. Eugenio Rodriguez of Florida, had a unique idea…
He offered an experimental procedure, in which he would attach a mold, made from the soft bladder of a pig, to the remaining stump of the finger.

Despite the fact that the insurance company said they would not pay for the procedure and demanded that the jockey undergo an imputation, the patient decided to give it a try with the hope that the finger would GROW back into the mold.

Lo and behold, the finger DID grow! including a new fingernail!

To see the story, you can find it online or view the images at this website:

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