Kechepheri Lake, a wish-fulfilling lake outside of Pelling, Sikkim, India










We visited Kechepheri Lake, which is a legendary lake in Sikkim, known for being a wish-fulfilling lake.

It is located in a thick forest, just outside of the town of Pelling.

It is said that the lake is in the shape of the foot of the goddess Tara, and because it is a holy and sacred lake, no swimming or fishing are allowed.

The Kechepheri Lake mysteriously has no leaves floating on its surface, even though it is surrounded by forests on all sides and the forest floor is covered with fallen leaves.

It is believed that a legendary guardian bird is always on duty to pick up dead leaves, and that this is how the surface of this holy lake is kept clean.

I have to admit that the lake had no leaves on its surface.

The local Lepcha legend says that a local couple who were collecting nettle saw a pair of conch shells which mystically appeared out of nowhere.
The conch shells entered the ground, and moments later, the ground shook violently and water started coming out of the place where the conch shells had entered the ground.

This became a large lake, which was much larger in olden times.
The locals believe that this holy lake is the abode of a Protective Nymph named Tshomen Gyalmo.

On the shore of the lake, a long stretch of small prayer wheels lined both sides of the wooden walkway leading to the edge of the lake.

We had to take off our shoes, and to approach the lake barefoot.

We spun the prayer wheels and said our prayers.
After all….. If it is really a wish fulfilling lake as they say…. It is a great place to ask for blessings and clarity along my spiritual path….

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