Voting in the presidential elections, Do NOT read if you are allergic to politics


At my local supermarket,
Two new dolls appeared inside the Claw Crane machine.

The Presidential elections are coming in November
And between the teddy bears,
Dressed in a black suit,
Now stands a Mitt Romney doll that resembles a silver fox,
And a doll representing Obama
With big ears and a wide warm smile.

I did not put fifty cents into the machine
I never play those machines,
And I was afraid to see which one it would pick FOR me.
I am not in love with seeing the world through the eyes of politics…

If you believe in Face Physiognomy analysis,
which says that a person’s facial features and expressions
Are indicative of his character,
You could conclude that the Obama doll,
Depicted with big ears,
Signifies that he LISTENS better to the people…..

Back home, we had an email from the State of Colorado.
Our absentee voting ballots were ready
We can now vote online.

Are we the very first Americans to vote this year?
I wondered as I gazed at the ballot on my computer screen…

Damn…. the two party system of the USA…
In a better world I would have voted for the comedian Roseanne Barr,
I did not expect to see her name on the ballot…
I used to love her show
Now she represents the ‘Peace and Freedom Party’
At least she used to make me laugh…

I also did not expect to see four different socialist parties on the ballot…
‘Socialist Equality,’
‘Socialism and Liberation’
‘Socialist USA’
And ‘Socialist workers.’

What the hell is the ‘Objectivist Party?’
I guess I should’ve followed a bit more politics…

I like the ‘We The People’ party
And even more, I would have liked to have voted for the ‘Libertarian Party’
Which supports same sex marriage
Civil Liberties, Cannabis, Separation of State and Church
And an open immigration policy, among other open minded ideas…
Everything the Republicans stand against and hate…

Who are all those judges and court clerks?
How am I supposed to know
If I want them to stay in office or to be replaced?

Categorically, I want every single judge replaced,
Until they abolish the death penalty….
But maybe those specific ones are the ‘good kind of judges’….

So… Are we the very first to vote today….

I finished putting the black dots next to my choices
And clicked the ‘Print’ button.
Tomorrow at the crack of dawn,
We drive to the airport,
It is nice to wrap this task up
And not worry about it while roaming the Himalayas,
With patchy Internet connections…

I do not like politics…
Do not like judging between people
Whom I see as all one family of the human race…

I was not always so indifferent to politics…
I used to walk in peace marches
I used to feel sad when my candidate did not win…
I used to feel so disheartened,
When it seemed like the human race,
Was progressing at such a slow pace…

I look at all of it as if it were a game of chess…
It only looks like black is different from white
But all are equally strong
And it IS just a game…

It might look like a war is happening on the chess board…
It may appear that strategic and manipulative games are truly happening…
But at the end of the game….
The players shake hands and go to have a cafe latte and a scone…

The earth plane is a playground….
A field of dreams…
A place to learn lessons…
A place to try and discover our innate powers.

How better to study all of this,
If not by believing that all of this is ‘real’
And by having the opportunity to ‘see’ the effects of our beliefs and actions…

We are here to experiment and play
To grow in understanding and THROUGH experience…
We HAVE to learn to do it better,
Until we perfect it…

Those who seem like the bad guys… The villains,
Are only playing their roles in helping us to progress….

The possibilities and opportunities for spiritual progress
Into our individual ascension and Universal career,
Are equal to ALL and are open to ALL….

On this earth plane, we have endless opportunities
To increase our levels of spiritual insight
And to understand our place in the Universe…
To attain an independent level of personal Spiritual growth.

We grow by recognizing how our social and moral sensibilities,
Affect us….
How they affect others,
And how they affect the diversified material environments,
On all the evolutionary worlds around us….

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