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If I told you the Truth about yourself, you would probably dismiss it as nonsense…

I will say it anyway, because it is the Truth, and it is your only real reality; all else is just what you IMAGINE about yourself and how you have proceeded to live according to your beliefs.

You have NO problems.
You CANNOT be sick or poor, nor die.

You can imagine all those misfortunes befalling you, and you can go on living a life that is paved with limitations and imagined shadows, but you cannot dim the Light in you, and you cannot change the fact that your True Identity is secure and wholesome.

You ARE a child of God, eternal, powerful and perfect.

Your ONLY need is to remember who you ARE.

You may shake your head in disagreement, wondering why you signed up to get emails from this crazy lady, who says things nobody believes to be true…

You may remember your many ailments and physical needs, and you may think to yourself that yes, you do have problems and needs, but allow me to assure you, that ALL of those arise from your lack of remembrance of WHOM you truly are.

They will dissipate and disappear like tiny ripples on the surface of a huge lake, the minute you’ll remember who you truly are…

For far too long you have been walking this earth in an imagined solitude, believing yourself to be encased within a body that is small, finite, limited, weak, needy and fragile.

But nothing is encased within your body.
If you were to decide to leave your body, and someone were to dissect it, you would not be found inside of it.

Your body is an elaborate illusion.

An illusion is a thing or an idea that is wrongly perceived by the senses,
a mistaken belief stemming from wrong ideas and wrong perceptions.

Your senses, which originate from the body, are very limited and do not tell you anything that is real or reliable.

Think of the sense of smell.
You sit on a bus and you notice that the man next to you smells bad, of body odor.
Your automatic reaction is to feel repulsed.

We are programmed to feel repulsed by bad experiences and enchanted by good experiences.

Without even thinking about it, you wish to stay away form this smelly man.

Now, answer me this, do you really KNOW this man or anything about him, so as to be repulsed by him?

No, you do not.
But you trust your senses and so you would probably stay away.

Our eyes and what we believe we see are another tool for endless mistaken ideas and misperceptions.

We see what we believe, NOT what is there and NOT what is real.

Take for example the shape of the earth.

Most people believe that the earth is round.
A perfect circle…

When we look at photos of the earth, we perceive a spherical globe.

But the Earth is not quite spherical, it is ellipsoid, due to what is know as “Rotational Flattening.”

The earth is not egg-shaped, either, it’s shaped more like a grapefruit or a pumpkin.

Rotational flattening means that the spinning of the earth on its axis leads to a bulge around the equator.

It is very much a feature of the human mind, that we tend to believe that what we were taught is correct, and that we ‘make’ our eyes see what we believe, while staying oblivious and totally avoid seeing, whatever contradicts our beliefs.

The radius of the Earth at the equator is 6,378 km.
(That is if you were to cut the earth at its “belly” where the equator lines lay.)

The radius of the earth from the north pole to the south pole is shorter, measuring 6,356 km. (a current difference of 22 km from being a perfect sphere)

The physical eyes cannot see the fact that the earth is not a perfect circle, and they can see even less when looking at more distant stars.

Jupiter, which rotates more frequently, (once every 10 hours,) is even more squashed than the Earth.
Jupiter’s equatorial radius is 70,850 km and its polar radius is 66,550 km. (a 4300 km difference from being a perfect sphere.)

Our senses, the body’s senses, are gross and unrefined (dogs have a better sense of smell, snakes and birds have better sense of hearing, etc.)

If we make it a habit to rely on our gross senses for our beliefs and ideas, we are limiting our potential, and we chart our lives by very limited concepts.

You are NOT a body, nor do you reside within the frame of your body.

Your physical body is a collection of misinformation and wrong ideas based on wrong conclusions drawn from limited science, limited knowledge and limited personal experiences.

You have no problems, because all of your illnesses, all your poverty, all your pain, and your lack of happiness, stem from not recognizing who you REALLY are.

Illusions can APPEAR to be very, very real.
We see anger, rage and blood, and we see a body immobile, and we believe that a life had ended.

It is not so…
A body is just a husk…
An illusion and a misperception….
A misrepresentation of the REAL thing….
And the REAL thing is YOU!
The holy child of LIFE
The whole and perfect Sons and Daughters of God!

You ARE an eternal, and everlasting wholesome SPIRITUAL Being of Light and LOVE.

If you find yourself squirming in discomfort when hearing the word GOD mentioned, you are in desperate need of a NEW DEFINITION of the concept of the Universal GOD.

The whole world is in need of a NEW and non-religious understanding of the concept of GOD.
Because ONLY if we come to accept a new definition of the concept of God, would we come closer to realizing who WE really Are…

God is NOT the God of religion… Of ANY religion.
They are ALL wrong in making God an external remote Being, residing in a remote paradise.

God is all there is….
It is LIGHT and energy…
It is a wise collective directive, a governing principle that is ALL LOVING!
God is Creative, Eternal, all encompassing, all intelligent, ever Compassionate, Graceful, and endlessly Powerful.

We are NOT, nor could we EVER BE separated from God.


God IS US and we ARE gods.

Because we are NOT encased within a body, we are not limited by the boundaries of these bodies, even while we believe ourselves to be inside these bodies.

We are co-creators.
We are all gods, creating our realities, and we are ONE with one another and ONE with the collective One God.

It is only a short one week before we depart to India and Bhutan.

I have been painting in the studio every day, making a big painting of everything that I’ve described above.

In the lower part of the painting, I am painting the earthly plane, with all the wows and joys of an earthly life…. A summation of an earthly incarnation, with all the beauty and serenity of nature, music, animals and people.
Some people are surfing through life with ease, while others struggle, battle and fight.

Above the earthly plane, in the middle of the painting, I plan to add the unseen realm of spiritual truths.
And above it, on the top of the painting, I plan to add the realm of the Gods…. Of Self Realized Spiritual Beings, who woke up from the dream and are fully awake to remember who they really are…
They are one with God in body and Spirit.

We also went this week for a lovey hike up Beaver Creek Mountain to Beaver Lake.
It was a spectacular nature hike with a vertical gain of two thousand feet.
We started at Beaver Creek Village, (at 8000 feet) and we finished at the Lake at 10,000 feet.

I am saying goodbye to beautiful Colorado, to our beautiful home, and I give thanks for a most enjoyable summer, in which we dined out in superb restaurants, visited some farmers’ markets and enjoyed the bounty of summer.
The next time we will be back here, will be in late November or early December.
The high mountain peaks will be covered in snow and the lakes might be all frozen….

Did I mention how much I love LIFE….?
I do….
I love my life…

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