Blessing your money

Money is NOT coincidently called “Currency,” it comes from the word “Current.”

In order for us to understand the energy of money, we need to understand that it has to FLOW.
Having money, means having the ability to move energy and to make things happen….. To create a current.
If you have money but never circulate it, do you really have it?

If we clutch money too tightly with fear for a future lack, it will find holes in which to flow away from us, as water does.
But if we become a conduit and allow money/ currency to flow towards us and to flow from us with ease and with BLESSINGS, we will enjoy all the blessed energy that having and enjoying money, can offer us.

When we travel, Jules and I circulate money a few times per day.
Sometimes it is a large amount, like paying our accommodation bill, car rental or airline tickets, and sometimes it is something small, like paying for tea, a museum entry or a snack.

We made a vow between ourselves, that every time we hand out money to anyone, we silently bless it.

We silently and inwardly express our gratitude for what they gave us in return, and we bless them with much abundance, financial ease, comfort and joy in their lives.

Even when we buy some water at a petrol station, or fill our tank with gas, we say this silent blessing that the money will circulate and bring many blessings to anyone who is in the current of its flow…

If we forget to do so at the spot, we do it later as we recall the day, and try to remember who we handed money to.

We also bless the money that comes to us, and offer much gratitude for the good it will do, and for the blessings it will bestow on us and on those whom we will transfer the currency to…

Bless the currency that flows through your hands and which brings you the things you enjoy…and bless every one you pay and that exchanges goods or services with you.

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