Why are we obsessed with sex

There are stages to the development of each human soul.

Our journey on earth, is a karmic journey of life’s lessons and growth.

It may not seem that this is true, when we look at how much crime, destruction and negative focus on fear based ideas, exist in the world…
People do NOT seem to be learning,…… Nor to be progressing….
But each human soul is indeed on an evolutionary journey.

An evolutionary journey back into full awareness of its true identity beyond the body, and into a realization that we are STRONG SPIRITUAL BEINGS, experimenting with ideas on many levels of consciousness.

Each lifetime, we believe that we are “born” into a new baby body.
As we “grow up” through childhood, we explore and learn the joys and limitations of our bodies.

We learn what brings us joy, and what feels terrible, mostly through experimenting with bodily sensations.

Our sexual urges are as normal and natural as hunger for food, or thirst for water….
But we do NOT come with clean-slate minds…. NOR are we raised without influence.

Our parents and relatives, impose on us their own ideas about sex, from the day we are born…. And being impressionable, we soak those in and at first, we accept all of their own ideas as ours.
Later in life, we sort through the validity of those ideas, through exercising our own judgement and acquiring new concepts.

I also mentioned that we do not come with clean-slate minds…
This is because we are reborn with an unseen emotional body, that is comprised of many experiences we encountered over many lifetimes, that left their vibrational energies on our psyche.

If we lived a lifetime in which we were sexually abused, were sex-slave, used sex for manipulation or advancements, or lived as sexual predators, we are likely to view sex as complicated… Maybe even painful…. Or as a power or manipulation tool.

Sex is an obsession, for those who have very little ELSE in their lives, that generate joy for them.

For those who found the joy of living, through living MINDFULLY in the present moment…… Many things can and do bring wonderful joy.

But for those who are unwilling to explore the finer vibrations of life….sex is easy to enjoy, it is explosive in vibrational frequency, and can penetrate and bring joy, even to the thickest among us.

When I was a young woman, I did not know how to manifest the life that I wanted…
And as a result, I attracted to myself what I feared most, as well as what I desired most….
They all came to me, because I was sending confused and none directional messages to the Universe.

My life was a mixture of many good things…., but also I experienced a LACK of many things that I truly wanted….

I felt disempowered and I did not know how to bring into my life and to keep, ONLY the things that I truly wanted and that will bring me joy.

With the years, I learnt the rules of manifesting what I wanted, from the unseen soup of energies that comprise our realities.

I learnt that what you FOCUS ON, will come to you.

The reason bad things that you do not want come to you, is because you focus on them also.

You can focus either through DESIRE, WILL POWER and LOVE, OR… through fear, worry, concern, and planning for “inevitability….”

For those of us who learn how to move energies and to manifest a life that brings us joy, sex becomes just another wonderful thing among a long list of joyful and pleasurable things, to engage in.

If you live from your heart, and are in tune with the finer vibrations of life, so many things become pleasurable….

A fine meal…. Good music… A soft loving hug….. A warm hand held on a cold day…. The song of a bird…. The feel of warm sand on the beach beneath your feet…..

The scent of flowers…..
A good book or an article…..
An inspiring movie…..
The smile of someone you love…..
A warm bed on a rainy day….
A sweet nap on a lazy afternoon….
A good cappuccino in a warm and friendly cafe…..
A fresh juice…
A hike in nature….
Diving among colorful fish and coral….
Sailing…. Painting…. Writing….singing….playing music….
Cycling along a scenic road….. And so much more…

The list of activities that can generate joy, are endless…

I remember once sitting in my garden in New Zealand, looking at the harbor, when I spotted two birds on a tree branch.
They were singing to one another, when suddenly, they took off into the air, and performed a dance around each other, spiraling up into the air……..they flew in different directions and came together in breakneck speed, made a swirl around each other and flew again.

What I remember MOST about this moment, was not their song and dance, but how MY OWN heart leaped with joy, and soared into the air with their flight…

It felt at that moment, as if I, myself…..flew into the air….. And I felt as exhilarated as if I truly did fly….

You can say that I was ONE with the birds at that moment…..
That I momentarily forgot that I occupy a human body, and that I moved into spirit which is always unbound…

But it doesn’t matter how you explain it… The effect was that I felt so exhilarated and joyful…..

But some among us live very unsatisfying and unrealized lives…
They live in conflict, in poverty, or they hate their jobs, yet they do it for the money…
They hate where they live….
Or they dislike their partners or the people in their lives… And they turn to sex as a cheap, easy and free source of momentary joy….
Perhaps the ONLY source of pleasure they are able to enjoy.

When a person is disheartened, joy has no room to enter…
And so many people around the world are disheartened….

This is why our PRIMARY responsibility in life, is to attend to our own joy.

Before you go into the world to fix it…try to solve your own complicated psyche, to create the life that you TRULY want and to attend to your own enlightenment….

To do so…..We need to learn to LISTEN to our inner being, and to process the messages that we hear….
And to sort through the rubbish voice of the ego, that is never satisfied with what we have……or with WHO we are……and to replace it with the Voice for Joy and Love and to remember that we are worthy of a wonderful life filled with joy.

It is a good indicator, that if you find yourself obsessed with ANYTHING….
Be it food, or a good cause or sex…
It is an indication that somehow you have boxed yourself into unhappiness….
ASK yourself what it is that you are believing right now…. That is causing you pain…

We live moment by moment….
So… our responsibility is to guard our thoughts and feelings moment by moment, and if we find ourselves feeling disheartened, we must ask ourselves what it is that we are worried about….. or concerned with……that is bringing us a moody dark cloud….

And then we must choose OTHERWISE….

It is our thoughts alone that cause us pain…

Pain comes when we believe that we are stuck and unable to better our situation…….

Pain comes from the way we view a situation as hopeless or beyond our control….. (you may believe that you are not able to change some things, but you KNOW that you can change your attitude about it… Let it go… Stop focusing on it… Or try to see it in a new light…)

We experience pain when we back ourselves into dark corners and complicate our lives…..

It is our thoughts alone that cause us pain…
Remember to choose OTHERWISE….

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