Venice Carnival, continuing to enjoy the art scene in Venice Italy

We visited the museum of Ca’ Pessaro, which is located on a small canal street over the Rialto bridge in the Santa Croce neighborhood.

The walk over the Rialto bridge and the surrounding area around it, was very enjoyable.
The Rialto market is located at the foot of the bridge, and if you come before 1:30PM, you could enjoy the lively fish market and the fresh produce market.

There are also stalls selling inexpensive masks and souvenirs…… and as it is all over Vencie…… Plenty of young men from Africa who are selling fake brand names handbags.

Even though I was not hungry, we had a delicious lunch at a star rated restaurant, Vecio Fritolin.

Maybe because I am still not adjusted to the time zone, I simply do not feel hungry until dinner time.

In general during our life at home, we eat only two meals per day, and not three meals, as most people do.
I also do not believe in the five small meals per day diet, that so many people swear by, since I believe that it encourages one to be too dependent on food mentally.

I believe that our bodies need much less food than we feed them, in order to be strong, energetic, healthy and agile.

During our trip in Venice, we tried to eat only one big meal per day, either at lunchtime or at dinner time…. And to have only a small meal or a snack, for our second meal.

Beside the health benefits of eating less, which allows the digestive system time to rest and for the body time to heal and process any imbalances, I also like saving the calories to enjoy guilt free desserts after the day’s big meal…. and I like saving money as well.

A meal at a good restaurant for two people in Venice, is around €150 (not including wine.)
If we spend the same for lunch, that will make our food cost per day, €300 plus tips.
Add to it cappuccinos and juices during the day, and we will be spending way too much on food per day.

The museum of Ca’ Pessaro, was very enjoyable and very interesting.

It houses many paintings from all the previous Venice Biennials, since it became an international art fair in 1895.

It also has a large collection of international art from the last 150 years.

The second floor has a collection of Asian art.
It has some Japanese armory, intricately decorated swords, arrows, lacquer ware, dishes, ceramics, sculptures and much more.

We ended the day with yet another fabulous dinner.
Our choice of restaurant was located on the lowest part of Dorsoduro, so we took a long stroll through the city, and enjoyed the many neighborhoods, each with its own stone water well, ornate church, local bakery, a wine and espresso bar, and local shops.

We arrived too early for dinner, so we spend some time sipping Japanese green tea at a Japanese tea house, just down the street.

Our meal was divine…
The Porcini mushroom risotto was the highlight….

Venice is truly dreamy… And I could not help but think……. that if I will ever want to live part time in a city again………

The only minus I could see are the tourists.
The city could get very overrun during the high season, which are the summer and spring.

On our way back to the apartment, we noticed that the main carnival stage at San Marco, was closed, and instead they had a lot of block parties going on, and a lot of loud music, empty cigaret packages were thrown into the canals, empty wine and beer bottles were laid around the steps of the bridges, or were smashed on the ancient cobble stones…

I guess all earthly paradises comes with their own minuses….

We once almost bought a house on one of the Hawaiian islands.
When we signed the contract, we were presented with a disclosure, saying that the island had an enormous amount of frogs.
This made us laugh…. at first….
Later we were told that the frogs will make so much noise at night, that many people found it impossible to have a good night sleep….not to mention finding a frog in your favorite shoes, in the pocket of your jacket, or everywhere in your garden….

Wishing you a most wonderful frog-free night…..or a wonderful day…. Wherever in the world you are now….

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