A Contemplation On Privacy

There is a lot of talk these days about how, through living in modern societies, we have lost the spirit of the community.

Those who advocate this way of thinking look with romantic eyes upon the past, and remember how nice it was to live in tribes, where each person was allocated a communal chore, and the concept of individuality, and all the insecurity and loneliness that comes with it, simply did not exist.

People spent their days fulfilling basic communal needs of feeding, clothing, and building shelters.

I would like to suggest that what we are missing in modern day societies is only the SPIRIT of a community, not actually living in communities and needing to deal with the problems that come with that.

We all need to think and act as if we were ONE people, one tribe on planet earth.
One family, one race – the human race.

We do not need to adopt communal living, or to live in a small community.

Many people have mistaken this concept, and moved into small communities, or small villages, where they romantically looked for the same lost spirit of community and closeness.

But those of us who have done it (myself included) know that there are many problems that come from living in small communities.

I will not get into the small and obvious details, like the ever-active rumor mill, the fact that you have to deal with people with difficult personalities, or keep on seeing those you may have had a rough patch with in the past, or the fact that not many new ideas filter into rural places, and more.

These are things that an adult needs to deal with, and they can serve as good basic living skills for being in the world and getting along with people.

I want to touch upon something not many people think about.
It is actually related to a law of physics, called “The Law of Communicating Vessels.”

This law says that if a set of connected vessels contains a homogeneous fluid (like water), the liquid will balance out to the SAME LEVEL in all of the containers, regardless of the shape and volume of each containers.

If you add or remove liquid from one vessel, the liquid will again find a new equalized level in all the connected vessels.

Applied to human connections, this means that if you are a joyful and abundant person, and you surround yourself with the opposite, with people who are filled with notions of fear and scarcity, you will be depleted by their ideas, and they will rise up in understanding, until all of you reach a balance point.

If you are a healthy or a happy person who is surrounded by angry, sick or unhappy people, and if you socialize, share ideas and communicate with them often, you will be less happy and they will rise up, until all of you are in balance.

I am sure that you have experienced this working law before, when dealing with some people.

I will speak in the first person, and tell you that I have had many cases in which I sat down for a conversation with a family member or a friend, and when the conversation was over, I felt depleted and exhausted.

In some cases, the other person wholeheartedly thanked me for a most “invigorating and wonderful conversation”, and I felt torn, because one one hand I was happy to see them benefiting and happy from the ideas I shared with them, but as for myself, I felt like going home to take a short nap…

This happens because of the “Law of Communicating Vessels.”

There was no way for us to fully connect and communicate fluently, without the energies’ (fluids’) tendency to balance themselves.

I could have stayed reserved and kept my ideas to myself, and in so doing I would have kept my energies intact, but the other person would not have benefited from the exchange, and I would have missed an opportunity to share the truth.

On one hand I found that I wished to offer help in correcting their thinking, which has led to so much of their “misfortune” and unhappiness, and I know that even a small amount of positive or unlimited thinking can benefit a person who lives a totally mindless life, but only with much effort on my part, by trying to find the right words to relate to them, did something sink in.

And so I am now at a phase in which I find myself pulling back into myself.
I felt that I needed to disconnect myself from the “Connecting Vessels,” so I can rise up in truth, and not find myself constantly equalizing with others.

I did it through closing my Facebook account, and I do it physically by meeting with less people, and instead spending my time in the studio, only with Jules, or listening to the wind, the birds, and to my own inner guidance…

I have been giving a lot of thought to the subtle differences between a desire for privacy and being private, and a desire to keep one’s ideas and affairs private or secret.

Despite sounding like almost the same thing, there is a subtle difference between the two.

One is simply impossible, and attempting to achieve it can only lead to entangling oneself deeper with illusions and wrong ideas, while the other implies a need to be contemplative, and to listen to an inner guiding voice, instead of to the world, or to other egos’ confusing ideas.

Keeping secrets, or desiring to be private, is impossible, because we are all connected, sharing one Divine Mind, and we are also very similar in our makeup.

We share similar feelings and we are alike in the way we process information.
This is why we intuitively know the truth, or a person’s intentions, by reading his energies, his face, his demeanor.

People may THINK that if they do not speak out, or share their ideas in spoken words, other people will not be able to “read” their intentions and thoughts.

But it is not so.
Even people who have dulled their intuition, by never paying attention to it, can sense and feel others.

Those who are acutely attuned can often experience spontaneous telepathy, where the thoughts of another person are transmitted into their minds, or into a knowing center within them, either verbally or by a sensation.

So like I said, the desire to keep private affairs and ideas a secret from others, is impossible and ultimately futile, and if you trace its origin, you will see that it is based in fear and anger.

If a person assumes that harm could befall him, or gossip might sprout if people knew his affairs, then out of this fear he might try to keep his life a secret, thinking that in secrecy he will find safety.

Another reason people try and keep private is because they fear that if people knew their inner thoughts and makeup, they would not find them worthy of love.

This is an innate fear that many people have, mixed with anger at the world for being such a “tough” place.

They may think that if people “only knew” who they “REALLY” are…… Or what they are capable of doing, people would not love them….

But inside, we are all lovable children of Life.

While when we imagine that we are nothing but mortal bodies, we may hold wrong ideas, but just as we picked these ideas up, we can drop them down again.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I believe in sharing ideas with others.
I believe that those of us who have insight into the Truth, even on a small basic level, have the responsibility to share it, in the name of LOVE.

I also believe that I must speak about Love and about the Truth, even if at times it seems like nobody is listening, or could care less…

I do know that we seem to live in a world where the focus is NOT on Love, but on a variety of worldly fascinations.

This leads me to the other point, which I see as a positive desire to choose when we interact with others, and not to spend idle time in meaningless conversations with others, just for the sake of being “friendly.”

Not so long ago, I saw a documentary called “We Live In Public.”
It is a fabulous documentary and well worth your time.

It touches upon many ideas that made me contemplate what is Art, the place of technology in our seemingly ever evolving world, the pursuit of money, reality shows and of course, how we are all connected and how we live in public.

The documentary follows the life of Josh Harris, an internet pioneer who is a complex person and hard to figure out.
Josh keeps changing and evolving, regressing or moving forward from an entrepreneurial business oriented dreamer, to a delusional aching man and an artist.

It is true that we live in public.
We do so by posting our ideas, activities, photos of our trips or families, poems, by sharing our dreams and inner lives on Facebook, Twitter, or on blogs.

Our lives and our ideas are out there for everyone to read and to see, dismiss or agree….

I do not mind living in public.
I believe that we have the responsibility to share, and that if you have any ideas that you should be ashamed of, you simply should NOT keep them.

If you have any secrets that you feel are shameful, then something inside of you is telling you that you should not keep on holding them… Just drop them and keep in your mind and life only things that you should be proud of.

I plan to keep on sharing my ideas on my blogs, and with everyone I meet in person.
I do not intend to force anything on anyone, even if we are family members or close friends.

If people are not receptive to the ideas I share, I simply let it drop.

I guess I am just going through a phase….
A phase in the cycle of life…
Maybe it is temporary…… maybe it will last only a few weeks… A few months?…

Maybe something good is brewing up inside of me….
Maybe some new revelations are on their way…
Because I do feel the urge to be still and silent and to LISTEN to the higher guide within me…
And I feel less and less desire to listen to the world.

We do live in public….
But at times, we just need a little privacy…
And to take the time to listen to a higher Truth….

8 Comments on “A Contemplation On Privacy”

  1. Hi Tali
    Just wanting to wish you a very happy belated xmas and a wonderful and fabulous 2012. I hope it is everything you wish it to be. I know the 365 days will not be wasted on you, as you know how to live life to the fullest. Im sure it will be full of lots of new adventures that i will look forwad to hearing about.
    In friendship and love
    Pam :))

    • Dearest Pam,
      A million thanks for the Christmas and New Year’s blessings.
      May you meet with the same kindness, blessings and generosity.

      We had a very rainy season up here in the Hokianga.
      It rained almost every day since we arrived, and now there are so little time left to this visit….

      Wishing you a world of good….
      With love and light,

      • Thank you so much Tali 🙂 Rain, rain rain is all it seems to do here in NZ – where is our summer. When we did have those lovely hot days a week or so back, the shops I was visiting I could over hear people complaining about the heat already and that we were in for a hot summer. Maybe the Universe has been listening and figures it cannot win one way or the other so gives us this humid wet weather.

        I can imagine the Hokianga has a very lush feeling about it.

        When do you leave NZ? Are you going back to Colorado?

        Wishing you a world of good too Tali, and keep smiling

        Happy New Years Eve

        light and love
        Pam xx

    • Dear Dora,
      Wow, it has been awhile… Good to see you girl!
      Jules also sends his warmest regards to you and to your wonderful kids too.
      I hope your life is going well, with all the inner growing and changing that you are doing now…

      I am grateful that you read and enjoy my blog and thoughts, and I apologize if at times I share some moody thoughts…. I guess it is part of my process, and all of us go through phases….

      With love and friendship,

  2. Hello Tali,
    I grab this opportunity arising from ‘the illusion of time’ to wish you for the coming twelfth year of this millenium.

    Collective human consciousness, I guess, exists and varies from place to place. My own efforts, so far, go insignificant when I try to elevate that by any means. Facebook, blogs and other net-resources help in such endeavours because what’s put on, remains; we don’t have to do it again and again. Anyone can have a visit anytime, anywhere and have a look at the soulful. Your expressiveness in this regard is appreciable.

    There are lines in this article which I have read again and again. They are so connecting and echo with the depth of your understanding. Just I feel sharing as more of expressing love and concern rather than a ‘responsibility.’

    Warm wishes again!

    With respect and love,

    • My dearest Sitanshu,
      You are absolutely right my dear in ponting out that it is a joy to help others and not a responsibility.

      It is A VERY good reminder and I thank you deeply for that.

      It is true that we recieve as we give….
      Which means that the only way for us to keep on recieving the Truth, is by offering it to others.

      And I would like to add that the law of communicating Vessels also work in a positive way.
      Through your own willingness and openess, what you are able to receive, is also transmitted to others and will lift them up from wrong thinking.

      Thank you for your friendship and blessings full of love to you..

  3. Dear Pam,
    We are only in NZ for two more weeks.
    We plan to fly to Tokyo for a week and then back to Colorado for a bit of skiing.
    Happy New Year’s Eve to you too my love….

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