Merry Christmas and peace to all seeking hearts

Christmas is upon us now.
It is a good time to look beyond the warmth of family and the comfort of good food, and to reflect upon the life of Jesus.
It is a good time to examine some Universal Truth Principles, demonstrated through the stories told of His life.

Jesus explained that he was our Brother.
Yes, He said he was the Son of God, but he never claimed to be the ONLY son of God.
He said again and again that we ALL share the Kingdom of God.

He also demonstrated again and again, that the physical world is nothing but an illusion.
He was able to multiply forms (fish and loaves of bread), to defy gravity (by walking on water) to heal all forms of terminal illness, and finally to rise from death.

He demonstrated that the idea of LACK is a wrong concept, and that the REAL world, which he called “the Kingdom of God or of Heaven,” is infinitely abundant and available to all of us.

He spoke about the Kingdom of Heaven as being WITHIN US…. Not as a remote and distant place in some far off La La land.

WITHIN us, does not refer to within the limits of our skin-encased bones and flesh, but within our Spiritual Being, which is who we truly ARE.

He said we are ETERNAL.
That we are NOT bodies, but eternal spiritual beings.
Beloved BEINGS of a LOVING Father-God.

Many organized religions and traditions around the world celebrate and recreate the crucifixion of Jesus, to commemorate his suffering for “our sins.”

This is a BIG misconception of the whole idea and the purpose of what Jesus came to demonstrate and to enlighten people about.

The life of Jesus is about the RESURRECTION, and NOT the crucifixion.

He did NOT come to atone for our “sins,” because all of our “wrong actions” are nothing but a part of the grand illusion.
What you do in a dream does not make you sinful.

In reality, you cannot sin, nor can you change eternity or affect who you truly ARE, by your thinking and your actions.

You ARE a beloved child of God… Of LIFE! and NOTHING can change that!
Not even your own imagination…..

Because there are NO accidents, and everything that happens is part of a Divine Plan to bring us closer to realization of the Truth, the circumstances of Jesus’ life were also NOT accidental.

He came to demonstrate that the body is NOT REAL, and that even if someone were to destroy it, he could raise it again, as alive and as vibrant as before, because of his spiritual understanding, that the physical was not real, nor did it have a reality of its own.

In the Far East, there are accounts of spiritual Masters who are able to Dematerialize their bodies, and to reappear in remote locations, in almost no elapsed time.

This method of dematerializing the body, and re-molecularizing it in other places as needed, is possible because everything is spirit.
Everything is energy- and NOTHING is really solid.

So the Christmas season should be truly a joyful one… A reminder of our true spiritual identity.

I remember many years ago, when I was in high school in the land of Israel, I spoke in my history class about Christmas as being a time to celebrate.

The white-haired Eastern European teacher got out of his chair; his face was red and his mouth was almost foaming.

“Celebrate?,” he yelled at me.
“What are you saying…. Do you have ANY idea, as to how many Jewish people were viciously slaughtered all around the world at Christmas time?!….simply because they were Jews….. Whole villages were destroyed and every living being was killed in the name of Christ……”

I had tears in my eyes…
I did not mean it this way…

Jesus was like me… A Jewish person…
That is if you categorize a person by the religion assigned to them by their parents.

I was born Jewish, but like Jesus, I could never agree to see God (as depicted by the bible,) as a jealous, angry and judgmental God.

Many years have passed since that history lesson in Tel Aviv, Israel, and I stand today by my elder brother Jesus, and I look with compassion upon the past.

Yes, humans have erred for hundreds of thousands of years, and probably will continue to do so as long as they believe themselves to be no more than limited bodies, moved by impulses and animalistic urges, bound to a limited world.

Today I cast my gaze upon the past, and I forgive all things.
I KNOW that I misunderstood all things.

And I turn to look upon the many brothers and sisters that are all the people of this world…..
And I say to them gently:

You are NOT a body, you ARE FREE…..
You are not small but large…you contain multitudes….
You are NOT weak, but all powerful….
You are NOT sick, but healthy…
You are NOT sinful, but beautiful…

If you read these statements and thought to yourself that this is not true…. That you ARE sick…. Allow me to reassure you that ALL of this IS TRUE, and is available to you just beyond the veil of illusions which distort your current vision of yourself.

You ARE as God created you…NOT what you think of yourself….

You are God’s eternal child, and you cannot suffer pain, or suffer loss…
Perfect health, abundance, PEACE and Joy are your divine inheritance…. Claim them now…

Let the miracle of Love come into your heart and change your perception of all things… Of yourself… And of the world.

Merry Christmas, brothers and sisters….
May anger that comes from wrong judgment, be replaced with miracles and then forever be replaced with the eternal and loving Truth…

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