From Fez to Midelt through Ifrane, Morocco

We checked out of our lovely suite in Fez, after a nice breakfast.

The owner and manager kissed us and thanked us many many times, repeating again and again that we are their friends….that we are such good people….. very very good people…

It was nice to hear, but when someone tells you that you are such a good person dozens of times, and you know that you have done nothing to PROVE that you are a good person, you get a bit uncomfortable…. But maybe they intuitively sensed our loving energies and intention to spread Universal love across the earth?…..

We drove out of Fez and into the Middle Atlas mountains.
At first the hills were terraced with olive trees, and small apple, quince and pear trees, overflowing with ripe fruit.

Then we turned into the mountains and arrived at the beautiful ski resort town of Ifrane.
The king of Morocco has a palace here, so the town is done beautifully.

The higher elevation made the air cooler, flowers were planted in beds between manicured grass….

Alpine style Chalets that were built by the French during the French occupation, dotted the town, while on the outskirts of town, many Chalet style villas were being built for the many wealthy people who want to own houses in this area.

The small center of town was sprinkled with restaurants.
We chose a modern Cafe with Wi Fi and good drinks and had a rest there.

I noticed that the locals dining in the cafe seemed to be comfortable.
The women had their hair done perfectly, and all were dressed in casual designer clothing.

We drove out of this manicured town which is so different from anything we’ve seen in Morocco thus far….. And a thought crossed my mind, that maybe we will not see another place like this on the trip again.

The mountains after Ifrane were filled with evergreen trees, mostly pine and cedar trees.
The air was crisp and the road meandering between the mountains was beautiful and well maintained.

We passed the mountains and arrived at the arid rocky desert.
It occurred to us how much the landscape changed since we left Fez, only a few hours ago….

The desert stretched for a far distance, with only a few humble adobe homes and wandering herds of sheep, guided with sheepherding dogs and sunburnt shepherds in long sleeve clothing and dusty hats.

We arrived in the town of Midelt, just when the sun was setting over the mountains.
We checked into a room in a hotel that was build in the same architectural style as an adobe castle, that you see here in Southern Morocco.
This adobe architecture is called here “Ksar.”

It was not a fabulous hotel.
But our suite was large, clean and had a cushiony sitting area, plus…. the sheets on the bed were really clean, soft and of high quality….
The choices of accommodation in the desert are not vast, and so we declared it a good find.

Dinner was included in our room rate, and the food was fresh and good.
A large group of motorcyclists, all burly men from Spain, arrived and checked in just after us.
They filled the dining room with jovial chatter.

I slept well that night, with the desert wind whistling through our open window.

I could hear the joyful screams of people who went for a late night dip in the green pool under our window.
The pool needed a hefty bottle of chlorine….. But these people did not seem to mind the green bacterial color… Nor the fact that at night, the temperature in the desert drops to a freezing cold level….

Good night world….

4 Comments on “From Fez to Midelt through Ifrane, Morocco”

  1. I love hearing about your adventures Tali and learning about different cultures and places from your point of view :))

    • Thank you dear Pam for your sweet comments, for looking at the photos and for offering your insights.
      Yes, there is a rawness that is beautiful in local craft done with local materials and with knowledge that was transferred from generation to generation….. There are a lot of artisans here in Morocco, and a tradition of decorating homes, clothing, jewelry that is built into the culture.
      Even farm women wear elaborate embroidery and jewelry.
      Hope all is grand with you my dear… Tali

    • Good to see you too, Adela my dear!
      Yes, for the most part we are having a great time exploring this country….except that yesterday I developed a but of a flu, and today I was achy and out of it…. Which was sad, because we were passing through a beutiful stretch if the Sahara desert with adobe villages…. I hope I will get better soon… There is so much to see in this part of the trip.
      Hope all is well with you and hugs of friendship to you,

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