A fruitful visit to the Big Apple – New York City

We are spending a few days in New York City now.
Boy… The city has changed so very much since I last saw it…

The streets are busy beyond belief…
Our hotel is situated across from the grounds of the World Trade Centre.

We walked by massive amounts of people, all lined up to see the new 9/11 memorial site.

Along the road, a local church with tall black iron gates had many thousands of white ribbons tied to the iron bars, commemorating those who died in 9/11 and offering gratitude by those who lived.

I read what was written on some of those ribbons….. There were poetry and heart felt words…. They made my eyes moist…

The Downtown, Midtown and Uptown lies on an orderly grid of intersecting streets that run east and west to the water on both sides, and long avenues that run north and south.

The lower Manhattan part includes Soho, Noho, Greenwich Village, Little Italy and the East Village.
They all lay to the right and left of Broadway, which acts like a central spine bone, with the streets extending to its sides like ribs and continue to intertwine into smaller streets, like tree branches and twigs.

Farther south lies Tribeca, China Town and the Financial District.

I love lower Manhattan.
The maze of streets is filled with small and creative boutiques and little stores, wonderful little restaurants, tree lined residential buildings and small businesses.

You can find small cafes and wonderful places to eat, tucked away in basements or sprawling along sidewalks.

Autumn is a great time to visit the city, and the tourists know this… The city feels packed with locals and tourists.

To be honest…..It feels wonderful to be here.

So much has changed since I lived here, and even in the past few years since I saw it last.

We have eaten at some amazing vegetarian places.
The most notable one was a tasting menu we had yesterday on 32ND street.
It was called Hangawi – a beautiful wood and bamboo Korean place with a delicious vegan tasting menu.

The dishes were so tasty and healthy and arranged like art on large ceramic plates.

We removed our shoes at the door, as is the custom in the East, and sat on the floor, but with an opening for our legs at the bottom…. (After all, unfortunately in the West, people do get rigid as they grow older, and their minds make their bodies stiffen with the years, and they feel uncomfortable sitting on a thin cushion on the floor, and are unable to get up…)

The meal was creative, colorful, artistic and Delicious.

We spent a day at Moma, (Museum of modern art) and saw a retrospective of De Kooning.
We had a great time looking at modern art and we plan to go there again tomorrow.

After realizing that we did not take with us some robes to lounge in the room while on the trip in Morocco, we explored the Soho for some Yukatas, (Japanese summer light kimonos that we use as house robes, since they are lighter to carry than bathrobes.)

We found some Yukatas in a small Japanese boutique on a side street.
The people could not have been nicer and they gave us a discount without our request as well as a small hand made owl pendant as a gift souvenir.

What a lovely and relaxed time we are having, as well as good nights’ restful sleep…. in the city that never sleeps….

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