Loving where you live

I look around my room, and I love everything I see in it.
I gaze out through the window and I see a vista of wild green grass, swaying in the wind.
I feel grateful that the neighbors do not mow it.
The wind makes patterns in it as it bends the grass, like a master playing a sweet violin.

In this area, nature reigns supreme.
The people who chose to live here, do not have perfectly manicured gardens, with neat trimmed hedges and beds of roses.

Here, a migrating herd of elks or deer, can trample your carefully attended garden should you be foolish enough to invest the time in cultivating one…..
Nobody around here is foolish enough…

Some raise horses, others plant some trees, or maybe plant some colorful annuals before their front door to add some color, the rest is left for nature…. And nature here is king.

A grove of oak trees are blocking my view of the Sweetwater creek, and a small bird is nesting above my front door.
The sound of the creek merge with the wind… Water and wind….. A perfect combination…. Otherwise, it is silent….. I love silence.

It is wonderful to love where you live, to love your home and your environment.
I moved around a lot, even around the globe, before I settled on my own part of paradise.
It feels like home here.

When I tell my husband that I feel at home here, he turn to me and say: “Good, it is good that you feel at home here, after all, it IS your home!”

Occasionally, I get emails notifying me of the changing market value of our property here.
I gaze at them with humor….. After all, what do I care how much my house was worth in the month of June?…..
I have no plans to sell it….

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