The last stop on our Silk Road journey, Hotan – Cycling The Silk Road In China

We spent a rainy day in Hotan.

Today we shipped another box of our cycling gear back to the USA.
We walked around the bazaar, visited the humble local museum and spent some time in a tea house, sipping tea and trying to overcome our disappointment over the change in our plans.

There is a saying that “Many tears have been shed through the years, along the Silk Road….” I know that I added my share to the fountain of tears….
I cried for Tibet… And even yesterday’s good dinner and a large beer did not do much to uplift my spirit.

Today felt gloomy, and I will be leaving tomorrow on a fight to Urumqi and later to Chengdu, with a next day flight to Kathmandu.

We finished the Silk Road.
We will not be visiting Tibet this time, and I leave with a heavy heart.

Today Hotan is grey dusty and rainy, it feels as if the city is crying with me….

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