Cycling to Aksu town from Aksu desert Canyon – Cycling The Silk Road In China

After the Aksu canyon, we cycled back towards Aksu.
Most of the way, the road was lined with tall trees on both sides, providing much appreciated shade for us.

Along the road, we saw many old ladies and old men, riding donkey carts, carrying people (as a taxi service), or hay, or vegetables.

We saw young men with red cheeks, wearing beret hats, standing at awe as we cycled by them…

We saw mulberry trees, loaded with berries…. And people crouching by the road, resting and watching life go by.

We ate dinner in Aksu.
Dinner was a sizzling spicy potato, a similar dish with Daikon radish, green beans, and spicy cabbage.
Everything wad delicious, but our driver called to tell us that our van is not staring.
Hopefully by tomorrow, he will get it fixed and we will be able to leave on schedule.

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