Cycling The Silk Road In China – Comfort and luxury in Xining


On this hard trip, I will take whatever luxury I can get.

it is not comfortable to be sitting on the small bicycle seat all day long, riding on broken roads and potholes.
I love luxury and believe that we create too many struggles in life.

We do NOT need to learn to do with so little or without, we actually need MORE comfort and luxury in our life.

we also need to allow more ease and comfort Inside ourselves, in our inner environment, and to allow it to others in all our relationships.

We need to learn to accept more gentleness and a greater sense of ease.
We need to remove any attachment we have to the beliefs that there is any virtue in deprivation and lack, in discomfort or hardships.

You need not struggle in life to discover God.

So for the next two nights, while we are in Xining, the capital city of this autonomous region, we are staying in a luxury suite at a five start hotel.

What can I say… a clean soft bathrobe, soft clean sheets a spacious living room… it is surely a nice break.

It will all be a far distance dream in just a few days, as we are headed higher into the Gobi desert with its sun-scorched towns and desolation.

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