Cycling The Silk Road In China – The Terra Cotta Warriors and the Muslim Market in Xian

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People come to Xian form all over the world to see the Terra Cotta Warriors.
This amazing archeological site, was only discovered in 1974, by six farmers who were digging for underground water.

Thousands of life size terra cotta clay warriors, were unearthed.
Each done with individual facial details, done to signify an actual warrior that lived once.

The archeologists, also found chariots, weapons and full size clay horses.
Many bones of real horses were also found, and it is believed that they were buried alive.

Most of this amazing archeology, is still buried underground.
The actual tomb of the Emperor, is believed to be surrounded with many treasures, but it is only schedules to be dug and explored in future years.

It is busy with many tourists, but still it is a treat for all those who enjoy sculptures and art, as well as history.

We ate lunch at a small place next to the Terra-cotta warriors.
It was spicy and very yummy.
There were spicy green beans with many whole hot red peppers, sauté greens, a delicious pastry with onions, a noodle soup, and a dish of lili bulbs.

But the magic of this place, extends beyond its historic significance.
The Muslim quarter, is a wonderful place and a MUST place to visit.
It is filled with stalls and vendors selling food, assortment of snacks, drinks, craft, dried dates in all sort of sizes and ways of drying them, nuts, noodles, dumplings, and a countless assortment of skewered meat.

The Muslim market is stretches over many narrow streets, and it is colorful, fragrant and wonderful place.
The first night, we chose to eat in a humble noodle place.
The lady at the entrance, was damping hand pulled noodles, into a vat of boiling water.
She scooped them up, wiping her brow, her cheeks red from the heat, and placed them in a bowl.
She then added an assortment of sauces, to concoct and delicious fire spicy noodle dish.

The price of this wonderful meal, was 15 Yuans ($2 USD) for two people.

We were served a delicious spicy noodle dish…. Which left us yearning for more…

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