Cycling The Silk Road In China- Arriving in Beijing

We arrived in Beijing, after a long 14 hours flight from Auckland New Zealand.

Our hotel the Fairmont, does not look like much from outside… Just another high rise on a busy street… But on the inside, on the club level, it is heaven on earth…

It is almost empty of people, with free wi fi, free food, snacks and drinks, available to us all day.
The pool, spa, steam room and locker room, are wonderful.

Our room is pure luxury… It has an open floor bathroom and a warm seat Toto toilet that washes your butt as you sit on it…

On the sad side… We cannot access Facebook and Blogger account to blog about our adventures here..

I am adding our plan:

Bike the silk road in China
Day 1
May 10 Arrive in Xiían- spend day by ourselves, stay at the Warrior Apartments, collect our bikes

Day 2
May 11 Xiían city tours

Day 3
May 12 Xiían 82KM QianLing 40KM – Famensi
The only female emperor in China Wu Zetianís mausoleum QianLing.
Famensi is one of the oldest monasteries in China, founded by Tang
Emperors, of which still house the relic from the Buddha.

Day 4
May 13 Famensi 60KM Fengxiang 40KM Qianyang
Fengxiang – Flying Phonix, the home of early kings in Xiían. Check out
the ancient cultural park on East lake.

Day 5
May 14 Qianyang 42KM – Longxian 112KM – Pingliang
Going north through the little known agriculture country of Qianyang
and Longxina, then back on the main road towards west to Pinglaing.

Day 6
May 15 Pingliang 56KM Liupanshan Tunnel 52KM JingNing
JingNing is the birthplace of forefather Fuxi who invented the Eight

Day 7
May 16 Jingning – Huining 98KM
Huining is an ancient town which used to be the gateway from Silk Road
to the Middle Kingdoms. In 1936, the Red Soldiers got reunion here
after the Long March.

Day 8
May 17 Huining – Yuzhong 133KM
Yuzhong ñ the Old Stone Age settlement, 15,000 years back.

Day 9
May 18 Yuzhong – Lanzhou 45KM
Arrive early in Lanzhou, a modern capital city. The largest city in
the middle of Silk Road.

Day 10
May 19 Lanzhou
Rest day, city tours.

Day 11
May 20 Lanzhou -Tianzhu 148KM
Tianzhu is the only Tibetan town on the Silk Road in the thin air,
home of white yaks.

Day 12
May 21 Tianzhu – Wuwei 138KM
Wuwei is the an ancient town at the beginning of Hexi Corridor, and
full of historical landmarks and great museums.

Day 13
May 22 Wuwei – Yongchang 72KM
Getting so close to the Great Wall.

Day 14
May 23 Yongchang – Shandan 105KM
Shandan is the breeding ground for the horses, the gateway to the
Mongolia. Check out the 1,500 years old temple in the north of Shandan.

Day 15
May 24 Shandan – Zhangye 65KM
Another ancient town, rich in historical landmarks and museums.

Day 16
May 25 Zhangye – Jiayuguan 250KM
First encounter with the Gobi Desert. Jiayuguan was the fortified city
on the Great Wall.

Day 17
May 26 Jiayuguan
Rest day.

Day 18
May 27 Jiayuguan – Yumen 132KM
Yumen the Jade Pass on the Silk Road.

Day 19
May 28 Yumen – Guazhou 142KM
Guazhou the land of Honey Dew Melon

Day 20
May 29 Guazhou – Dunhung 117KM
Dunhuang – the mirage on the desert, once the largest city on Silk Road.
See the Dunhung Grottoes

Day 21
May 30 – May 31 Dunhung/Urumuqi
Rest and sightseeing tours. Fly to Urumuqi in the afternoon.

Day 22 – May 31
See Urumqi

Day 23
June 1 Fly from Urumuqi to Kucha in the morning.
Transit day. Kuhca was commercial hub of the The Silk Road, also famous
for its music and dance.

Day 24
June 2 Kucha to Kizil Caves 70KM
Side trip to Kizil Caves. The caves are said to be the earliest major
Buddhist cave complex in China, with development occurring between the 3rd and 8th centuries.

Day 25
June 3 Baicheng to Aksu 165KM
The name Aksu literally means white water (in Turkish), and is used for both the oasis town and the river
Day 26
June 4 Aksu to Keping 147KM
Keping is a small town off the main road at the dead end of a secondary road. Located in the middle of the desert but with solid government guest house to stay overnight..
Day 27
June 5 Keping to Bachu 142KM
Turn into the populated agriculture areas, passing through the villages
and markets on the west bank of the Yurkant River.

Day 28
June 6 Bachu to Matik 154KM

Day 29
June 7 Matik to Kashgar 178KM
Arrive in this historic city.

Day 30
June 8 Kashgar
Rest day. Spend the day exploring Kashgar which may include the bazaar,
Irslahan and Id Kah Mosques, and the Abakh Hoja Tomb

Day 31
June 9 Kashgar – Yingjisha 65KM
Small town, famous for sword making. The battle field of Islamic Jihad in late 10th century.

Day 32
June 10 Yingjihsha – Shache 124KM
Known for Aideles silk and great music, check out the local museum.

Day 33
June 11 Shache – Pishan 143KM
Known for pomegranate, once

Day 34
June 12 Pishan – 175KM – Moyu – 28KM – Hetian
Hetian once was the capital of Buddhist Kingdoms.

Day 35
June 13 Hetian
Rest day, famous for silk carpets. May include a visit ancient city of

Day 36.
June 14 Hetina – Urumqi
Evening flight to Urumqi.

Day 37
June 15 Urumqi – Dabancheng 85KM
Small town between Urumqi and Turpan, on the foot of Tianshan Mountain.

Day 38
June 16 Dabancheng – Turpan 101KM
Arrive in the evening of this historic oasis town.

Day 39
June 17 Turpan 40KM
Explore sights around Turpan which may include Atsana Grave, Gaochang Ruins, Bezeklik 1,000 Buddha Caves.

Day 40
June 18 Turpan – Urumqi
Explore sights around Turpan, which may include Karez Underground
Irrigation Channels, Jiaohe Ruins, then return to Urumqi in the evening.

Day 41
June 19 Urumqi – Xining
Transfer to airport in the morning and fly to Xining.

Tibet tours:

Day 42
June 20th Xining Lhasa
Overnight train to Lhasa.

Day 43
June 21 Lhasa
Arrive in Lhasa.

Day 44 -45
June 22 – 23 Lhasa city tours

Day 46
June 24 Lhasa – Yamdrok Yumtso Lake – Gyangtze – Shigatze

Day 47
June 25 Shigatze – Tingri – Base Camp of Mtn. Everest

Day 48
June 26 BC – Shigatze

Day 49
June 27 Shigtze – Namtso Lake

Day 50
June 28 Namtso Lake – Lhasa

Day 51
June 29 Fly to Shanghai

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