“Bright Passage” 24″ by 36″ thick oils on canvas – Framed


“Farm Land #2” – 16″ by 20″ Thick Oils – Framed


“Tree By The Roaring River” 11″ by 14″ Oils- Framed

The color of fields

“Color Field Range” – 15″ by 25″ Thick Oils – Framed

depth of brightness

“Depth Of Brightness” – 24″ by 20″ Thick Oils – Framed

Green Pasture

“Green Pasture” – 16″ by 20″ Thick Oils – Framed

the oak tree

“The Oak Tree” – 11″ by 14″ Thick oils – Framed


“Summer beach #1″ –  30″ By 40”  Oils on Canvas- Framed


“Summer Beach #2″ 30″ by 40” Oils on canvas – Framed

Please email me to make an offer on collecting any of the paintings:


6 thoughts on “Landscapes

  1. Bought an apartment and there are two of your prints here. One is a whimsical kitchen scene with teapot. I love this and would like to find a coordinating print. Thanks!!

  2. Tali, love your work. I bought two of your oil paintings in the late 90’s at Gasparilla Art Festival in Tampa, one for each of my daughters. I’m looking to decorate my new office and would love another piece of yours. How much is your “The Oak Tree” piece? Thanks for making the world a more beautiful place!

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