Cycling The Silk Road In China – Lake Qinghai- A Salt Water Green Lake

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Today we left Lanzhou and passed by Xining, but decided not to spend another night in busy big city.
Instead, we continued towards Qinghai Lake.

We stopped a long the way, in a dusty Tibetan town, to visit and to photograph a beautiful temple, filled with some of the most intricate mural paintings and decorations.

The Temple has four levels, each decorated with breathtaking sculptures, wall paintings and painted beams and ceilings.

It is amazing to me, that you can find such old Tibetan towns, so fat North in China, when the occupied State of Tibet, is so far South in China.

It either means that Tibet, was stretched across a much larger area than anyone is willing to admit.  Or that in past times, Tibetan people moved North, built towns along the Silk Road, and brought with them, their own culture, traditions, and built their own stupas and temples

Tonight we are staying in a Tibetan Town by Lake Qinghai.
The name means ‘A Green Lake’ in Chinese.
It is the largest inland saltwater lake in China. Located at the northeast part of Qinghai Province, approximately 150km from Xining.

The elevation here is 3,200 meters (10,500ft) above sea level, and I can feel a little light headed tonight.
I am feeling better now, my throat is not sore and my nose is not running. I just feel weak.  As if I am just coming out of a flu. (which is exactly true.)

I hope that I will be able to cycle the 85 KM that we scheduled for tomorrow around part of the lake.

The lake spreads across an area of 4,635 sq km and is more than 360km (220 miles) in circumference.
We plan to cycle around it, in four days of cycling.

This salt lake has plenty of fish, and it attracts large flocks of birds including many migratory birds.
On the other side of the lake, there is an island, named Bird Island.

By Diving design.
We are here on the BEST month of the year, to see these migratory birds.
It is said that they come here from late April to Mid June…. And that May, is the best month to visit Bird Island.

Good night world…. May you sleep in peace…. May all the people be happy and blessed as I AM….

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    • Superb! Absolutely stunning! I agree with Rajpal, you both are looking fantastic and really enjoying life.

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